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Notes on the paid plugins versioning

There have been no constraints imposed on the plugin version format for plugins before the Marketplace introduction, but it seems that we have to introduce them now for paid plugins sold via JetBrains Marketplace. The primary reason for that is the simplicity of the unification of the versions so that there are no issues with non-standard versions in regards to the licensing mechanisms.

Let us give you a bit more context about how our products (and many of our plugins) releases are versioned. A few years back we have introduced changes to its release and versioning, and we are pleased with this decision, so we'd recommend you to align your plugin release version numbers with JetBrains release version numbers for further sync (as users already know how the model works for our products.)

Release Version Constraints

It's important to note that we would like to be as flexible as possible, so we don't have intentions to "lock" you to our versioning model, and the only rules we introduce are:

  • The version number should be an integer (dots and other special symbols CAN be there, but WILL be ignored.)

  • The next version should be bigger than the previous one (versions can't be descending.)

  • The version number should consist of at least two characters.

You can easily use multi-component version numbers, and these constraints let you release your plugins with version numbers such as 2018.1, 2018.1.2, 1.1, 1.1.0, etc.

(!) These are the rules for paid plugins via JetBrains Marketplace only, and they are not applied to other plugins.

release-version vs. version

Paid plugins related changes to the plugin descriptor (plugin.xml) introduced a release-version in addition to the existing version parameter, and this part requires an additional explanation.

version parameter has been used for a long time as a full version number. It is used by the IDE and plugins repository to define the latest compatible update of the plugin for an IDE build so that it can be offered to be installed or downloaded.

release-version is related to licensing of the paid plugins, and it is different from the version of the plugin, as this one is a version number of the major release (i.e., release which happened on release-date). You shouldn't put a minor release version here to make sure that perpetual fallback license holders get access to minor updates of the major version.

For major releases (e.g., 2018.1), version is going to be equal to release-version, but they would be different for minor releases (e.g., for a minor update of the plugin the version will be 2018.1.1, and the release-version will be 2018.1).

Please note that release-version is integer, so the 2018.1 version will be converted to 20181 when compared/used by the IDE. You can put it as 20181 to plugin.xml from the very start.

Last modified: 31 August 2021