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Pricing and Distribution Network


Plugin vendor is setting the "standard price" aka "list price" (which is a monthly rate for a commercial license and personal license.) JetBrains calculates yearly price (which is equal to 10 monthly prices), upgrade, bulk purchase, personal license discount, etc. based on the "standard price" set by the vendor (in this case the pricing model is consistent across JetBrains products and all third-party plugins), but a vendor can request the prices to be calculated differently. An example of how the prices are calculated: (we'll provide more information on the actual formulas later.)

Currency and variable prices are introduced in the same way as for JetBrains own products (e.g., you can pay in GBP only if you're in the UK.) Prices for Paid Plugins are set in one of the following major currencies depending on the customer country: USD, EUR, GBP, CZK, JPY.

Distribution Network - Resellers

JetBrains is utilizing its resellers and distributors network to make plugins available via the JetBrains distribution network (crucial for some markets where direct sales are problematic.) Plugin vendors can opt-out from this option.

In a case of selling a plugin via JetBrains' resellers, there will be an additional commission held by the reseller, and this reseller commission is paid from JetBrains commission (so the plugin developer always get a constant % of the plugin price.)

(!) Please note: in some cases, resellers can set their prices higher than a regular list price set by the vendor, and JetBrains doesn't control it.

Last modified: 29 March 2020