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This plugin provides both real-time and on-demand scanning of Java files with CheckStyle from within IDEA.

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Bug-fixes; Checkstyle 7.5.1 added.
@mmiholap are you using Windows? This sounds similar to - while I'm open to suggestions, the chances of this being changed are low, as I don't use Windows and this issue doesn't occur on OS X and Linux.
Hi guys, you need to add ability to exclude some folders from scanning. Plugin hold locks on libs and causes a failures during merge/pull actions. If you need more info I can provide you an examples
You'll need a 64bit JVM for Studio64, so that seems entirely reasonable.
@jshiell it's ok now,but i install two jdk1.8,when i install jdk_8u91_windows_i586_8.0.910.15,and change AndroidStudio64SDK path to jdk_8u91_windows_i586_8.0.910.15,it's not ok,but i also install the other jdk-8u91-windows-x64,restart AndroidStudio 64,it's ok,
@jshiell it's not ok,when i use jdk 8,my jdk version is jdk 1.8.0_91 ,when i change jdk to jdk 8,it's also tip the same message as jdk 7
A general reminder - if you're seeing "Unsupported major.minor version 52.0", then you need to switch your IDEA/Android Studio to use JDK8. The plugin requires the IDE to be running on JDK8 - note that this is distinct from the project JDK. More information on how to accomplish this can be found at
07.06.2016 - while I don't use Android Studio, I can safely say that the plugin is pure Java, and it works very nicely with 64bit IDEA. If you have an exception trace or similar, you're very welcome to raise a big at
i really love this plugin,but there are something wrong when i use it in my developTool AndroidStudio,it's not supported in AndroidStudio64,it's waste me a lot of time,so i advice some other deveploers when your development tool is AndroidStudio 64,replace it to 32,
Sorry my mistake, it's compatible. I thought it wasn't compatible because when upgrading to 2016.1 version, Checkstyle plugin wasn't anymore in the list of isntalled plugins (while Scala, or Grep console plugin were still listed for example) I reinstalled it and it works
@cmontagnon I haven't received any report of incompatibilities as yet. In any case, I won't be doing any work on IDEA 2016 compatibility until JetBrains sort out the Gradle bugs that make it unusable for me.
Hello, Is it planned to make a new version compatible with Intellij's 2016.1?
@yarong, as per the docs you'll need to run IDEA on JDK8. More information can be found on
I tried to install this and got an Unsupported major.minor version error on 52.0
As per the compatible build numbers: yes.
Hi, Can we use this plugin with IntelliJ 15.
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