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Compatible with all products except MPS
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Provides advanced C / C++ / Makefile editing and compiling / debugging capabilities. Editing capabilities consist of reference navigation (variable / field / macro / macro parameter names), completion, live semantic and error highlighting (sometimes with fixes :),
find usages, goto class / symbol / macro def / constant, refactorings (rename, introduce var), override / implements action / navigation,
quick navigate info (Control + Mouse hover), generate default/copy constructors and assignment operator, detect unused variable / functions, structure view
, surround with cast/if/etc, navigate from java native declaration to cpp implementation and backward, do compile for cpp files and build for makefile/dsp/vcproj files and more.
Debugging support consists of GDB integration exposed as idea debugger interface.
EAP software, works only for Win32/(MsVc/Gcc + CygWin/MingW), Linux 32bit /Intel/Gcc, MacOSX/Intel/Gcc platforms with IntelliJ Idea 14 / 14.1 Ultimate / Community editions (builds 139.*, 141.*), WebStorm.
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Recent change notes

In 0.8.8:
  • IntelliJ Idea 14.1 and branch 141 (e.g. WebStorm 10) compatibility fixes.
  • Added missing support for 'ifneq' keyword in Makefiles.
In 0.8.7:
  • IntelliJ Idea 14 and branch 139 (e.g. WebStorm 9) compatibility fixes.
  • Dropped Idea 13.X support
In 0.8.6:
  • IntelliJ Idea 13 and 13.1 branch fix (e.g. WebStorm 7/8) compatibility fixes.
  • Dropped Idea 11.X and 12.X support
In 0.8.5:
  • Idea 11.1 compatibility fixes.
  • Compile file action supports Clang.
In 0.8.4:
  • Customizable Makefile colors.
  • Added IntelliJ Idea 12 support.
  • Dropped IntelliJ Idea 10 / 10.5 support.
In 0.8.3:
  • Added IntelliJ Idea 10.5 / 11, WebStorm support.
  • Dropped IntelliJ Idea 9 (Diana) support.
In 0.8.2:
  • Dropped Idea 8 (Diana) support.
In 0.8.1:
  • Major feature: initial support for handling Cpp and C files without switching settings.
  • Completion of member names in constructor initializer list.
  • Find usages over string literal will find other occurrences of the same literal.
  • Completion of macros parameters inside macro body.
  • Assorted performance and usability fixes got from dog fooding :).
  • Completion / navigation for targets / value references in makefiles.
  • Recent find usages action works in usage view for c++ symbols.
  • Option to disable multiple definition checks (C++ Project Settings|Settings).
  • No absent definition error produced for declaration of static integral constant inside class.
  • Leading // file level header comments are folded.
  • Fixed bug with broken "Navigate to constant / macro".
  • Added IdeaX support.
  • Dropped Idea 6 (Demetra) and Idea 7 (Selena) support.
Incompatible with IntelliJ 2016.2.1!!
This plugin is ancient and there are no other such plugins. I don't wanna buy a product just for a hobby. Update it!!!!
i want to use intellij14 to write c code but not auto display c keyword more like common ide.
In fact, it seems to work on my IntellijIDEA 141.713 build. I've just modified META-INF/plugin.xml myself and changed 'idea-version > until-build' property to 142.0. This is a possible temporary workaround if you're not too afraid of any critical incompatibility issues. :)
not compatible with release version since weeks
Can you publish 0.8.8 please?
On OSX the C++ plugin with IDEA 14.1 says incompatible.. hope this is fixed soon..
Installing into IDEA 14.1 says: not compatible
Thanks for the plugin. I am using this on Mac OSX. When I create a hello world project, I do not see makefile getting generated. Is it expected of makefile to be generated? I am used SDK root of /usr. I tried /usr/bin/gcc as well. Same results.
Good job guys! But there are still some issues on windows. cfserver gets stuck sometimes.
How/where do I get the gcc executable so I can "Choose Cpp SDK" when creating a new c/c++ project in IntelliJ?
Why does "until version" set to 136? It's works just fine with current version (139.1038.6)
Please update it for 14!
Expect Support for 14,Thank you!
THanks for 13 support!
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