Database Navigator
for IntelliJ IDEA

Compatible with all products except MPS
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Database development, scripting and navigation tool
This product adds extensive database development and maintenance capabilities to the IntelliJ IDEA development environment and related products. Along with a qualified and IDE-compliant SQL and PL/SQL editor, it provides advanced database connection management, script execution support, database objects browsing, data and code editor, support for database compiler operations, method execution and debugging, database objects factory, as well as various navigation capabilities between all its components.
See features overview on the support page.

Supported Databases:
  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • SQLite
  • PostgreSQL

This tool is free for personal and commercial usage.
Donations are very welcome though.

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Recent change notes

  • 3.0.6879
      - Support for latest IDE releases
      - Workspace restore option
      - Spellchecking support for database file editors
      - Bug fixes and cosmetics
  • 3.0.6112
      - More accurate transaction status handling
      - Readonly pool connections for metadata load
      - Fixed SQLite meta-data issues
      - Support for latest IDE releases
      - Optimizations: more responsive code editors
      - Bug fixes
  • 3.0.5866
      - Fixed SQLite connection issues with Mac OSX
      - Amazon Redshift connectivity support
      - Support for latest IDE releases
      - Memory optimizations
      - Bug fixes
  • 3.0.5723
      - SQLite support
      - Multiple attached databases (sqlite)
      - General bug fixes
  • 3.0.5111
      - Support for latest IDE EAP versions
      - Request tracker move to JIRA
      - Bug fixes and performance improvements
  • 3.0.5023
      - Environment types - editing control for code and data
      - "Cancel" action for unresponsive loads in data editors
      - Outdated sources notification
      - Configurable default editors
      - Recover connections after statement execution errors (MySQL, PostgreSQL)
      - Recover dataset editor after edit errors (MySQL, PostgreSQL)
      - JDWP debugger stability improvements
      - Bug fixes
See full release notes
The worst tool in the JetBrains library, it has never successfully logged into my database, adamantly refusing the username and password combination. PGAdmin works 10^8 times better, as, it actually works. Oh and so far as the "Database and SQL" plugin goes, that one is equally crap. Same problem. No solutions have worked, so just making sure other people stay away from it too.
Sweet!! Postgres 9.4. Thanks for your work Dan!! Pleased to see it works with an account that is only a member of roles.
Great work! I was just wondering if it would be possible: 1. Option to share the database connection configuration between projects (make it a global idea settings maybe?). 2. Support the Oracle XMLTYPE type, right now it's not rendering the data correctly. Thanks for the great work!
Awesome! This plugin is great! Just one thing missing for me: a ddl-view of the tables, like there is one in pgAdmin. I mean when you click on a table in the "DB Browser" you don't only see the schema and connection but perhaps also the properties of the table, like the owner and the grants.
@flowrider can you please file a ticket in the request tracker with more details in what you are trying to achieve? Some screenshots would also be helpful if your environment does not display correctly under dark schemes.
First of all, great work! I have one small wish regarding the colors. Since I am using the Dracula Scheme, I have to manipulate the colors of the different DBN-Views. Unfortunatelly, I havn't found a way to edit the color of the "DB Execution Console"\Messages Tab. Is that possible?
@henderea can you please provide some more details about your environment? (ideally in the ticket you created Things like java version you are using, os, driver jar file (you could attach it to the ticket so i can debug the problem)
Since the release of the version with built-in drivers, I'm unable to get the external Postgresql drivers to work (it can't find any classes), and the built-in drivers cause a message saying something about version 51.0 not being supported. Downgrading to the version from 2 releases ago (the newest before the built-in drivers release) restores the ability to use the external driver. I'm running the latest stable IntelliJ 14 on a Mac. It would be awesome if this could get fixed.
This is one the best plugins for databases I ever worked with. It is incredibly enhanced, it is almost an application of its own. Jetbrains should use this as an example on how to build a database friendly environment (0xDBE is only a DB usable tool having this plugin installed) Keep up working on it
I assume the table editor issue is with the JetBrains DB-Support plugin, not with this one. Please try reporting the issue to jetbrains.
Could you take a look at this issue regarding the inability to create a new table row?
Unable to create a new table row. It just gets deleted immediately.
Thanks for this great plugin. Finally I can get rid of eclipse and SQLDeveloper. Keep up the great work!
@Laubrino please download the package with the build range according to your IDE version (for IDEA 14.0.3 you need 138.1 - 139.*). Alternatively you can install the plugin directly form the IDE (Settings > Plugins > Browser Repositories...) in which case the correct build will be taken.
Hi. I get this error when I try to install your plugin to IDEA 14.0.3 free: "Plugin Database Navigator is incompatible with current installation" Does it mean I need non-free version of IDEA?
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