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Creates a commit log for each commit executed, according to a user defined template.

This is mainly aimed at those of us who have a non-vcs integrated issue tracking system (e.g. bugzilla) and who want to record exact details of associated commits within their issue updates.
However, at present the plugin generates a simple textual log, based on a user-defined template, so this can be used for any purpose required, such as emailing or placing into documents.
Ultimately it is intended to implement automated actions to be performed post commit, e.g. for integration with issue trackers, or emailing of logs.

Commit comments can also be generated based on files in the changelist to ease per-file commenting in the comment.
Settings can be edited on a per-project basis in Project Settings|Commit Log.

To Do:
* Allow automated actions to be defined for execution using the generated commit log.
* Improve template editing.
* Add configuration of text used for change types.

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Recent change notes

1.3 - Rebuilt for IDEA 11
1.2.2 - Rebuilt for IDEA 10.5
1.2.1 - Fixed NPE when current version of deleted file cannot be accessed.
Fixed null being inserted for PATH_FROM_ROOT placeholder when file is at root (
1.2 - Rebuilt for IDEA 10.
1.1.1 - Fixed incorrect change type reported for deleted files
1.1 - Added commit comment generation
1.0.2 - Fix for null pointer exception when committing non-java files - replaced PACKAGE_PATH with PATH_FROM_ROOT in template.
1.0.1 - Fix to template documentation.
1.0 - Initial Version

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