Character Browser
for IntelliJ IDEA

Compatible with  IntelliJ IDEA
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This plugin allows you to browse and search characters and parts of the Unicode" character set. Insert characters into an editor in one of 10 forms. Decodes coded characters at the cursor position.

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Recent change notes

New Features
- Added hyperlink functionality in editors. Press and hold the Ctrl key then move the mouse over any valid character representation. An information tooltip will appear showing various details about the character. A left control-click will perform the same function as clicking on the Cursor button.

- Updated layout of the character details. The character button is now much bigger to better display the selected character.

Bug Fixes
- Support decimal literals with trailing 'l' or 'L'.
Just love it!
I find this plugin useful, but it lacks one feature: to create user-defined sets of characters.
The plugin is pretty useful but the GUI design could be better laid out and the handling could be more intuitive.
Very useful for UI developer to handle with EURO etc. symbols.
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