IntelliJ Configuration Server Plugin
for IntelliJ IDEA

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Deprecated - please use Settings Repository plugin.

Supports sharing settings between installations of IntelliJ Platform based products used by the same developer on different computers.

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Same problem with login via proxy here. I keep getting "Cannot login: Login failed. Server responds with error code 407". Nevertheless the proxy setting is 100% OK. I can say because I had to set up the proxy configuration for downloading plugins and it's the same configuration I'm using for Configuration Server Plugin of course. As this should be an official plugin and a feature for ultimate edition only, I'd appreciate if guys from jetbrains would get it fixed ASAP.
Doesnt work at all.Seems to be unsupported as well.
can't login from two computers with 401 error
Same 401 error here
I can't login either same issue 401 error
Since a couple of days ago I cannot login, it just results in a 401.
Last several days can't login with error: "Cannot login: Login failed. Server responds with error code 401"
Is it works in Android Studio? I can install plugin, but it has red color in plugin list and don't shows login window.
Cannot connect using proxy configuration. I get "Cannot login: Login failed. Server responds with error code 407"
This plugin is HORRIBLE. Really, is that hard to: - Once plugin is installed and after a used entered ceredentials to ask whether he wants to DOWNLOAD settings from the server. Current version just screws up all the configs on ALL of you marchines - Add option to DISABLE automatic sycning (both push and pull) - Add just two buttons: PUSH SETTINGS and PULL SETTINGS I'm sorry for being so emotional, but this piece of software just ruined all configurations I was working on for past 2 days and replaced them with DEFAULT ones just after I installed the plugin on my second machine.
Every time I install this plugin on a newly installed IDEA instance, the Darcula theme gets its fonts set to Comic Sans. It takes several back-and-forth modifications of various settings in the Appearance options to get it back to a sane font. It is otherwise a useful plugin, but the Comic Sans crap is a severe drawback.
Please fix out of screen issue. Startup dialog doesnt fit into 800 height screen
Sometimes loses parts of my config, but usually is a huge time saver.
What about Jetbrains providing a really killing new feature to keep the configuration in sync within teams?
I've tried this plugin but find that it completely loses all my changes from time to time. Extremely frustrating after spending all that time configuring things to how I like them. And then the fact that I've done it multiple times now. Yes, I could back up and re apply my settings when this happens, but then this defeats the purpose of having a plugin do it for you.
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