AspectJ Support
for IntelliJ IDEA

Compatible with  IntelliJ IDEA
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Enables AspectJ support in IntelliJ IDEA.

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Recent change notes

0.7 - debugging support; more error highlighting
0.6.1 - compiler settings fixed
0.6 - interface implementation; implicit usages; better JPA integration; compiler reporting improved
0.5 - more error highlighting; Safe Delete; private member usages; file structure view; compiler improvements; compiler settings from pom.xml
0.4 - live templates; Surround With; Complete Statement; New Aspect; rename; formatting; compiler improvements and automatic weaving; project structure view
0.3 - Go To Symbol; Find Usages; refactoring support; completion; error highlighting
0.2 - ajc compiler support added
0.1 - initial release; supports fields and methods defined in .aj files
I have Intellij IDEA Community Edition 10.0.2 build 103.72. Plugin manager offers only AspectJ plugin 0.4 }which crash immediatelly I enter some directory with .aj files).
When I install the newest one manually is says "is not compatible with current IDEA"

Can you help me?

Thanks Vlada
Please note that 0.7 is the last release of the plugin (as a separate). Since IDEA 10 it comes bundled in.
@jwcarman When importing Maven project AspectJ plugin should import compiler settings and class path pretty well. If you know reproducible case when it isn't please file an issue in the tracker.

@Patrick the plugin is bundled in IDEA 10.
I really like the plugin and use it a lot in IDEA 9.

Now that IDEA 10 is out, could you please port the latest version (v0.61) to IDEA 10?

That would help me a lot.

I have downloaded the "preview" of IDEA 10 and when I try to compile, I get:

couldn't find aspectjrt.jar on classpath, checked: ...

You'd think this stuff would work out of the box. Is there some classpath setting somewhere that I need to modify to get this working? I'd love to see some native support for AspectJ. If it helps, my project is Maven-based.
In case you have any troubles or question please post 'em in IDEA EAP forum:
With Maia EAP IC 95.260 and aspectj support plugin I get following error when I click test,
Cannot run program "ajc": error=2, No such file or directory

this is after selecting ajc compiler under Settings -> Java Compiler

Is anybody experiencing the same
Documentation link from plugin description would be nice
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