Bugzilla task provider
for IntelliJ IDEA

Compatible with all products
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Allows for access of your bugzilla tasks.

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General usage instructions

Plugin is only compatible with Ultimate edition. Install plugin and restart. Under Tools -> Task -> Switch tasks, click on the PLUS button and select New bugzilla server. This opens a dialog (which isn\'t resizing properly, I know). Enter your credentials. You should be able to now search through your bug list when you click on \"switch tasks\".
does not work in phpstorme 6, and possibly earlier versions, the icon buzilla no have
the plugin has a small bug which i fixed which is how to handle url's it doesn't expect url'l with inner paths (for example www.company.com/bugzill ) and tries to fix it, i've modified it accordingly and not it works for me (however i'm not familar with git to share.)
Does not work for me:

java.lang.Exception: Login failed for the specified username/password
at org.bugzilla.tasks.BugzillaTaskRepository.testConnection(BugzillaTaskRepository.java:61)
at com.intellij.tasks.impl.TaskManagerImpl$6.run(TaskManagerImpl.java:410)

Identical configuration works fine in Mylyn@Eclipse
it's works with idea x, but the plugin doesn't provide autocomplete (not sure - probably problem on my side) and it's impossible to customize change list name/bug id
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