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Apache Felix Integration for IntelliJ IDEA 10 & 11

This plugin provides native IntelliJ IDEA support for developing, running and debugging OSGi projects developed using Apache Felix and the Apache Felix Maven Bundle Plugin.

Using this plugin, developers can run and debug OSGi applications using the Apache Felix OSGi container. The plugin allows the user to choose bundles and modules for deployment, updates installed bundles in a running container whenever they are built (e.g. hot-deploy), etc.

The plugin provides a new type of run configuration: Apache Felix run configuration. The configuration of this run configuration allows the developer to choose which bundles to deploy, The list of available bundles for deployment is comprised of all modules with packaging of "bundle", and their dependencies. Non-Maven modules (or Maven modules not of packaging "bundle") are ignored.

NOTE: This plugin contains code snippets copied from Apache Felix's Maven Bundle Plugin. These were because there was no easy way to directly invoke the Maven plugin. It is the intention of this plugin writer to contact Apache Felix and work together to refactor the code so that it is easily invokable from outside the Maven execution context (e.g. in IDEA's Maven support context), and to eventually contribute the code to the Apache Felix project umbrella.

Developed by Arik Kfir at Infolinks Inc.

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Recent change notes

  • Fixed a performance problem when building a large amount of bundles.
  • Fixed a bug in SNAPSHOT handling - snapshot dependencies are now correctly detected.
Hi H4nter,

Please report any problems with the plugin at https://github.com/arikkfir/Apache-Felix-IntelliJ-Plugin/issues - it seems to me some sort of environmental issue with your project configuration, since all the issues you described are part of the basic functionality of the plugin. Please report this at the project's issue tracker (see above) and I'll be happy to continue the discussion there. Thanks!
There is a several bug and confusions that make useless this plugin. For example run configuration doesn't stop felix container (IDEA 10.5.2, plugin version 1.3.3, Linux Ubuntu). Another confusion is that this plugin doesn't create module facet even there is a maven project with configured maven bundle plugin. And for the last, this plugin doesn't take into consideration maven dependencies from module: in available bundle list there is only project modules and felix bundles from framework bundle folder.
Hi Kuffi,

Thanks, I'm glad to hear. But what is PAX-Construct? I've looked at its web site but couldn't quite understand what it's used for...
Works pretty good. I used togther with PAX Construct. Just create a project and a bundle with PAX Construct and create a intellij project from the generated POM. Pretty nice and easy!
Hi everyone,

The project has now moved to GitHub, at: https://github.com/arikkfir/Apache-Felix-IntelliJ-Plugin

Hi everyone,

I've created a googlecode page for the project at https://code.google.com/p/apache-felix-intellij-plugin/ if anyone wants to look at the code. Of course, help and contributions to the code are also appreciated!

I've deployed a new version (should be downloadable soon) which fixes the issues on Windows/OSX - please give it a go and let me know.

Thanks for the report - I'm looking into it, hopefully will have a new release in the next two days.
Under OSX I cannot do subsequent runs, because I can the following errors for some reason

Could not clean Felix cache directory at: /var/folders/lO/lOweRzLKH6epGZNAI-HcN++++TI/-Tmp-/felix/cache (Failed to delete /var/folders/lO/lOweRzLKH6epGZNAI-HcN++++TI/-Tmp-/felix/cache)
Pretty good - can be improved a bit to allow editing the various File Install customizations (polling interval, etc) but all in all if you develop with Felix it helps a lot.
Excellent stuff
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