Context Console Plugin
for IntelliJ IDEA

Compatible with  IntelliJ IDEA
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Allows you to open a console in the location specified

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Recent change notes

Version 1.4 - Moved action next to the "Reveal in finder" action

General usage instructions

Appears as a context menu item labelled "Show Console" when selecting a file or folder in the project window. Similar to "Show in Explorer/Finder" functionality except for opening terminal in the selected path.

Compatible with:
- Windows
- Mac OS
- Linux

Example usage would be for quickly running maven from the command line outside of IDEA in the location the pom lives.
Any way of configuring the console app the plugin launches?
Would be great if you could move the menu item right next to the "Show in Explorer" menu item.
I found this link that will just let me add a simple external tool command to open command prompt (tested on Windows XP)
When I right click, I get an option for "Open Console" (not "Show Console") and selecting the option is opening a command prompt in IntelliJ bin directory! Its not opening the console in the directory of the item selected in project explorer!
I'm using Windows XP Service Pack 3, Intellij 10.5.2 and the plugin v1.3
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