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Detects type of selection, line or keyword at caret and shifts it "up" or "down" on keyboard shortcut. If there's only one shiftable word in a line, it can be shifted without the caret touching it. Lowercase/uppercase or lower case with upper first character of shifted words is maintained.

Default keyboard shortcuts:
  • Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Comma - Shift Down
  • Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Period - Shift Up
  • Ctrl+Shift+Alt+K - Shift Up More*
  • Ctrl+Shift+Alt+J - Shift Down More*

Shift more: repeats shifting the selected value multiple times. The amount of repetitions can be configured in the plugin configuration (default: 10).

Supported generic shifting types:
  • Shifting a multi-line selection sorts the lines alphabetically ascending/descending.
  • Shifting a single-line selection, that is a comma separated list, sorts the items ascending/descending.
  • Shifting a selection within a single line (that is not CSV), detects and swaps characters: single quote vs. double quote OR slash vs. backslash
  • Numeric values - Increments/decrements numbers by 1
  • Numeric block selection: opens dialog to chose: 1. in/decrement each or: 2. replace by enumeration
  • UNIX (and millisecond based) timestamps - Increments/decrements by one day, shows a balloon info with the shifted date in human-readable format
  • Selected (from questionmark on) ternary expressions - Swaps "than" and "else" statements
  • PHP variables - Shifts to alphabetically next/previous variable found in current document ("shift more" shifts until first variable with a different first letter)
  • Selected PHP array - Shifts among long and shorthand syntax (PHP >= 5.4)
  • Selection of PHP concatenation from two strings / variables - Toggles order of the concatenated parts
  • Selection which is a Sizzle-Selector - Converts the selector into a responding JavaScript variable declaration
  • Selection of multiple JavaScript var declarations in succession - are joined into multiple comma-separated declarations
  • Selected line of code ending with a trailing //-comment - Moves the comment into a new line before the code
  • Strings wrapped in single/double quotes and backticks - Shifts to alphabetically next/previous quoted string found in current document
  • CSS hex RGB colors - Shifts color value lighter/darker
  • CSS length values - Shifts numeric length values up/down by 1 (units: em, in, px, pt, cm, rem, vw, vh, vmin, vmax)
  • Logical operators: toggles between (selected) "&&" and "||"
  • Encoding/decoding of HTML special characters
  • Roman Numerals
  • Single characters and string consisting from any amount of the same character can be shifted to the prev/next ASCII value
  • Strings ending with numbers - increments/decrements the postfix
Dictionaric keyword shifting: Shifter comes with a customizable, file extension specific and globally usable dictionary of shiftable keywords. Some keyword types from the default dictionary:
  • PHP core magical constants - Shifts PHP's magic constants (__FILE__/__LINE__ etc.)
  • CSS orientations and positioning: top/right/bottom/left and absolute/relative, and geographical directions (north/east/south/west)
  • Accessibility types: public/private/protected
  • MySql data types: Shifts to next bigger/smaller numeric/string type
  • Primitive data types of Java, JavaScript, PHP, Objective-C
  • Doc comment tags (Java, JavaScript, PHP)
  • JavaScript event types (mouse, keyboard, frame/object, form, control, touch)
  • Named colors from the sRGB color space (white/lightgray/gray...)
  • Text styles (bold, italic...)
  • Web image (gif/jpg/png) and audio (au/aif/wav etc.) format extensions
  • Full and abbreviated names of months and weekdays and units of time
  • Logical operators (and/or/xor/not), arithmetic operations (addition/subtraction...) and arithmetic elements (sum/difference/product..)
  • Meta-syntax terms: foo/bar/baz...
  • Names of common data collection types (list/set/bag/dictionary/tree...)
  • Names of numbers (one/two/three etc.) and ordinal numbers (first/second/third etc.)
  • Boolean (paired) keyword values - Toggles true/false, on/off, yes/no (e.g. Objective-C), shown/hidden, show/hide, positive/negative, from/until, enable(d)/disable(d), pass/fail, min/max, expand/collapse, asc/desc, first/last

Please note: This plugin is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied.

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Recent change notes

  • 1.4.3
    • Added: More word-tupel delimiters (" - ", " + ", " < ", " > ", " <= ", " >= ", " == ", " != ", " === ", " !== ", " || ", " && ")
    • Improved: Shifting of selected sizzle selector into a var declaration
  • 1.4.2
    • Added: Shift numeric block selection: opens dialog to chose: 1. in/decrement each or: 2. replace by enumeration
    • Added: Shift Selection > Swap order of terms separated by "|" or " : "
    • Added: Toggle (selected) logical operators: "&&" versus "||"
    • Added: Updated feature list w/ several prior not mentioned shifting types
  • 1.4.1 Bugfix: Remove duplicates when sorting lines was removing first item
  • 1.4.0
    • Added: more CSS units detections: rem|vw|vh|vmin|vmax (thanks to fireCoding)
    • Added: shift selected jQuery (sizzle) selector into local variable declaration
    • Added: shift selection of multiple consecutive lines of javascript var declarations into a comma-separated declaration
    • Prevent edge case (shifting empty lines/selection) exceptions
    • Changed: tab size in dictionary settings (reduced to 4)
  • 1.3.2 Added: Shift trailing comment from a selected code line into a new line before the code

  • ...Read full changelog on github

    General usage instructions

    Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Comma - Shift down word at caret / in line / sort selected lines ascending Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Period - Shift up word at caret / in line / sort selected lines descending
    Thanks Kay, working great!
    Thank you for your feedback and rating Pawel. This was a bug in the shifting of dictionary terms. It should be fixed now (release 1.2.10)
    Shifter is great but it clears the camel case even with the "preserve" option selected My setup is: (|*|) { |addChild|removeChild| |addEventListener|removeEventListener| but still shifting from addEventListener returns with removeeventlistener Am I dong something wrong?
    What can I say??? Nothing more than a plain Thank you for such a useful and great plugin. I wished that other plugins were all working like this one. Easy to use and does exactly as described.
    Really great addition, even better than the corresponding sublime plugin
    I'm used to the shift-line feature from other editors, but shifting whole methods is really nice!
    If gets implemented, this will be the most awesome plugin in the world! Love it!!!
    Thanks for your ratings, comments and suggestions. With shifter version 1.1.0 you'll find a customizable dictionary of "shiftable" keywords inside the application settings. Feel free to suggest improvements for the default dictionary directly via github / mail / here.
    Also I've noticed a bug while shifting font-weight, font-style and text-decoration values. The allowed values for font-weight are bold|bolder|lighter|normal. While Shifter considers that out of all of them only 'bold' value is allowed (not even 'normal'). Also it considers 'italic' or 'strikethrough' or some other erroneous values as allowed for font-weight. The same thing is with font-style and text-decoration. Is this a Shifter problem? If so please check the correct values for these properties.
    Thank you for your useful plugin. I've noticed some buggy behaviour while dealing with negative pixel values. How to reproduce: 1. In a css file create some element rule with the property with positive pixel value (e.g. body { margin: 10px; }). 2. Start decreasing this value with the Shift-down hotkey. 3. When the value reaches "-1px" you'll notice some buggy behaviour, i. e. while pressing the Shift-down hotkey the sequence of values will be "-1px", "-0px", "--1px", "--0px", "---1px" and so on.
    It would be great if there would be a config file in which we could enter thigs we would line to shift: enabled,disabled add,remove x,y,z Just shift through the lines, changing to next/prev statement There are many languages, this could be really usefull.
    Works great!
    thank you for your feedback. number incrementing and some other options are now added. please feel free to share other ideas you might have.
    Great idea for a plugin and very helpful. I second the idea of number increments as well. Perhaps adding the arrow keys as other possibilities so the "," and "." would be +-1, the up/down would be +- 10, the left/right would be +- 100.

    Just a thought.

    Really useful, do you plan to add say css possible value shifting (like _left, right, both_ after clear: ) or number incrementing/decrementing?
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