for IntelliJ IDEA

Compatible with  IntelliJ IDEA
9 906
Allows using ClearCase from within IDEA

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Recent change notes

=== 1.36.5, 2006.1.12 by Curtis George
* Modified Properties Action to use openapi dialog
* Added preliminary update action for snapshot views
* Added reserve/unreserve actions.
=== 1.36.4, 2005.11.30 by Curtis George
* Added History Action
=== 1.36.3, 2005.11.22 by Curtis George
* Removed curtis from plugin version
=== 1.36.3-curtis, 2005.11.15 by Curtis George
* Fixed to work with new plugin name
=== 1.35.2-curtis, 2005.11.14 by Curtis George
* Added to plugin repository
Wake up! It's already the time to update CCI plugin.
Neither this plucin or the ClearCasePlugin handle moving files correctly. I am left with a file that is in check-out state, but when I try to check it in, the file doesn't exist because it has been moved.
Even though version 7 is supposed to have clearcase integration, the CC plugins are a mess. Should users use this one? Or ClearcasePlugin? Which one is intented for use with v7? Neither shows any updates for years. I rarely see any work being done on either in the Selena update notes.

For all of these reasons, I have to rate this 1 star.
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