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IntelliJ Lombok plugin
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A plugin that adds first-class support for Project Lombok


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There is a problem with the 2016.03 version.
The plugin is great but, in the newest version (0.9.1) and Intellij 14.0.3 I still have problems with @Builder annotation. I've posted question about it on stackoverflow : http://stackoverflow.com/questions/29165157/intellij-14-lombok-plugin-builder-error
It seems a recent version of this plugin has broken SneakyThrows? IntelliJ is showing me errors when I try to catch checked exceptions that I have NOT hidden with @SneakyThrows. I do have a @SneakyThrows declaration on the method whose code has the catch in it, and if I remove it, then IntelliJ is happy. But that's wrong. The compiler is fine with the catch.
Please add support for Android Studio 1.0
For intellij 14 You must just recompile with idea 14, and it's OK.
Works fine! Very good plugin! Please add IDEA 14 support!
Very good indeed. I only miss the lombok's val taht never worked. It reduces so much boiler plate. Any chance it comes with Intellij 14?
This "@AllArgsConstructor(onConstructor = @__(@Autowired))" doesn't work!
I have been using your plugin since IDEA 11 and am now using with IDEA 13. There seems to be an issue with code inspections not working reliably, either due to the plugin itself or IDEA. The inspections report that fields are unused when they are not. I have also had issues with @AllArgsConstructor not being recognized and the inspection complaining about constructor arguments relative to the no-args constructor only.
Works awesomely, all things that I've tried in lombok work except for @SneakyThrows. Nice!
... one addition: in order to make it work with intellij 13 I had to remove the upper restricting bound in the plugin.xml. Looks now like this:
The latest lombok-plugin 0.7.3 didn't work for me with the latest intellij 12.1.6 (it did n't work with 13 EAP as well). After a check-out of the github project and a rebuild against my idea platform (12.1.6 or IU129.1359) I could produce a lombok-plugin.jar that works with the latest version of intellij 12.1.6 as well as with intellij 13 EAP I also updated the used lombok Versions to the latest ones (lombok:1.12.2 and lombok-pg:0.11.3) but I think this is not required. Cheers, Thomas
Upgrading to 0.7.1 fixed the issue. Thanks!
Downgraded to 0.6.5 and it's working fine again.
It seems the latest update broke my intellij : ( After the upgrade to 0.7 my IntelliJ keeps spiking the cpu and freezing for minutes.
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