Command Line Tool Support
for IntelliJ IDEA

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Supports command execution. Provides completion and parameter info for Zend Framework Tool, Symfony, third party command-line tools via XML descriptor.

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The plugin is incompatible with Webstorm 7 EAP. NoClassDefFoundError: com/intellij/codeInsight/daemon/impl/analysis/FileHighlighingSetting: com/intellij/codeInsight/daemon/impl/analysis/FileHighlighingSetting
Regarding the 121.12 bug, I filed a bug at You can still get the settings dialog up if you first close your project though. This way you can disable the plugin from the normal plugins dialog. Otherwise a great product, but please revert the latest version ASAP.
Do not use version 121.12 with IDEA 11.1.3 build #IU-117.798. That version of Command Line Tool support induces serious problems with the code editor and IDE. All Paste functionality stops working and the IDE settings dialog can no longer be brought up. Pasting can no longer be done either from CTRL-V or from the right-click menu. Similarly neither CTRL-Opt-S nor a direct click on the wrench icon will bring up the settings dialog. I ended up having to uninstall the plugin manually be shutting down IDEA and removing the plugin via the .IntelliJIdea11\ directory.
Won't this be an out of the box feature anymore?
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