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Compatible with all products except MPS
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Support for the Haxe programming language.

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Recent change notes

IDEA version 2016.3.2 compatibility release. No functionality change from 0.10.1.

General usage instructions

Please report issues at our bug tracker https://github.com/HaxeFoundation/intellij-haxe/issues
Is it possible to build/debug to desktop AIR rather than the Flash player? My app requires native AIR functionality and while I can target the API I can't seem to actually run or test it.
with the plugin installed I can't open: Project Structure Open Module Settings Idea 15.0.2
I installed on PHPStorm for no good reason and I noticed it broke my "<","(" & "Tab" keys. something that might be very frustrating to any possible users.
Still crashes while doing copy/paste on large blocks of text. (e.g. marking a function with CTRL + w, CTRL + c).
kukushi I am sorry about issues you having. Please just expand all updates section and should be able to fint it there. https://plugins.jetbrains.com/plugin/6873?pr=&showAllUpdates=true
kukushi Not sure about 0.7-0.8. https://github.com/JetBrains/intellij-haxe/blob/71687dda63afbbca353add13325266f990a5991d/intellij-haxe.jar People please report any issues you have at out bug tracker https://github.com/TiVo/intellij-haxe
Editing of a nmml-file leads to an error in a NME Project (HaXe 2, NME 3.3.3). Opening the nmml-file works, as soon as some kind of input is triggered Intelli tries to launch the Windows Registry Editor for some kind of "proxy.txt". After aborting the dialog Intelli remains in a "broken" state and has to be killed via Task Manager
Where is the old version(0.7-0.8)? When there is a problem with the latest version, it can't be returned in the previous state.
need a way to configure the code style specifice for haxe documents, my project wanted to have tabs for haxe files but not for all project files
I emailed Jetbrains a month or so ago and they said they were looking for someone to continue working on the plugin. Hopefully they are still looking and will find someone soon.
Any plan to work on the haxe plugin anymore? I saw you have support for coffescript /typescript for coding on nodejs wth source map. would it be possible to have that for haxe. that would be great Thanks
Indeed seems dead, actually its so bad I am looking for other IDE than IntelliJ like the new Flash Develop which updates Haxe implementation all the time. Why bad? Because using compile time directives like #if for multiple targets breaks completion and even color scheme/highligting this makes it almost unusable for mutli target projects.
Looks like this plugin is dead. Bug tracker is full of important bugs and there was no commits in a github repo in last 2 months.
I have downloaded latest 13CE and latest haxe plugin and having some issues creating new haxe class. I set the name but not able to choose anything from "kind" dropdown as it empty. Clicking OK with unselected options throws error and no file is created. this used to work on 0.6.* versions I used before 15:30:02 IllegalArgumentException: Argument 1 for @NotNull parameter of com/intellij/ide/actions/CreateFromTemplateAction$1.getActionName must not be null: Argument 1 for @NotNull parameter of com/intellij/ide/actions/CreateFromTemplateAction$1.getActionName must not be null
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