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Allows using ClearCase from within IDEA

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Recent change notes

=== 1.37.0, 2005.08.22 by Wes Williams
* Fixed ctrl-k checkin not saving scr to file
* Fixed issue loosing scr file path on exit
=== 1.36.0, 2005.08.22 by Vince Mallet
* New context menu item: Compare with Previous Version
* Upgraded NewNativeClearcase implementation to eclipsecase 1.03
=== 1.35.0, 2005.08.12 by Vince Mallet
* Commit Project dialog can now remove files from ClearCase
* Commit Project dialog now better at honoring configured ExcludedFromVcs elements
it does not work with the comm edition
Even though version 7 is supposed to have clearcase integration, the CC plugin situation is a mess. Should users use this one? Or ClearcaseIntegration? Which one is intented for use with v7? It's just not clear. Neither shows any updates for over a year, as well. I rarely see any work being done on either in the Selena update notes.

For all of these reasons, I have to rate this 1 star.
I can not use the plugin any action couse error 2. That is I can say. If any one knows the solution please help.
PS: I use idea 6.0.5 and plugin 1.37.0
Worked great on 5.0, but causes problems on 6.0. Projects that are set up to use Clearcase have big refresh issues with 6.0. When you switch between IDEA and other apps you have looong refresh delays. Sometimes checkouts cause internal errors in IDEA. Checkouts lose highlighted color after you browse a different file. Sometimes checkouts succeed but IDEA file can't be checked in from IDEA (have to use Rational desktop tool instead). Would love to see 5.0 parity for 6.0!
Any revision planned for Idea 6.
Have some problems (which are not show stoppers, though) with it.
Check in disabled after checkout
Files are constantly becomes "new" after "Mark as up-to-date", even those should be ignored according to options dialog.
Reliable for simple and not so simple (e.g. move) operations. Fails on some really complex scenarios, but doesn't break anything.
It is not perfect, but given the problems with ClearCase itself, it is doing pretty much of what can be done.

I just moved from CVS to clearcase (against my will :-)), and I didn't want to sacrifice my IDEA, so I was glad to find a clearcase pluging for IDEA, I have only been using it for a couple of days and I have some few requests to make it better (more might come).

1- My largest problem, that keeps me from using this effectively is lack of support for "Request Mastership".
We are working in a MultiSite environment, and unfortunatly I am on the wrong side of the replica :-) so I can't checkout a file without requesting mastership first. When I try to checkout a file from Eclipse a dialog pops up telling me that I need to request mastership, and allows me to do so. But the IDEA plugin doesn't allow me to do so, and outs an error.

2- A minor point is with diff, I don't like the native clearcase diff, and would really like to have the native diff from IDEA instead of it.

Thanks and Best Regards,
Is this really so cool? No.
Clearcase? No.
Self-rating? No.
Forgot to give it a rate.
Very useful plugin. You can do almost any clearcase operation from IntelliJ. It's quite stable but it lacks UCM support (activities) although I already hacked preliminary support for it (planned for the next version).
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