Puppet Support
for IntelliJ IDEA

Compatible with all products except MPS
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This plugin provides Puppet language support. Current features include:
  • Syntax highlighting and auto-formatting for puppet manifests written using either Puppet 3.x or Puppet 4 (future) language syntax;
  • Code assistance (completion, find usages, quick definition, etc.) for variables, classes, resource types and parameters, facts and external functions and types;
  • Unresolved symbols error highlighting;
  • Ability to set up several environments to use different modulepath for resolving symbols defined in modules and a mechanism to synchronize selected environment with the current git branch automatically.

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Puppet is supported by RubyMine and even included in RubyMine distribution. In other words - it does not require additional plugin installation.
It's strange to see that Puppet being all Ruby is not supported by RubyMine. Also, I'm constantly creating new modules. No support for any common dev/release workflow.
Something happened as of a recent release, now instead of indenting properly when dealing with chaining arrows it wants to do a continued indent with no way of disabling. Heavy user and really find this annoying to have to correct.
Intellij Idea 2016.2 insists to revert this to some 2 year old version. Can this be fixed / is there a workaround?
Hi, looks like it doesn't work with 2016.1.2. Would it be possible to get it working again?
Any chance to get it working for Idea 16?
It is now broken... as of the latest update on 2015-06-03. It doesn't colorize the puppet code anymore.
It is now broken... as of the latest update on 2015-06-03. It doesn't colorize the puppet code anymore.
I see a message that "Puppet libraries for the current module are unset" and nothing happens when i click on the "Set Libraries" link.
With this update when I load my puppet code I see "Puppet libraries for the current module are unset", and two options: "Set libraries" and "Dismiss". Clicking on set libraries has no effect at all, this popup just does not react. If I click dismiss, it disappears - but now the functionality of plugin in even worse than before. I cannot navigate to custom classes anymore, only to local variables
I found that the syntax highlighting was broken because intellij was identifying the Puppet files as Pascal files (as both have same file extensions *.pp). I reassigned the "File Type", then the syntax highlighting started working. But still the cmd + click feature does not work for variables and functions.
+1 for fixing and updating the plugin.
Please feel free to vote for this issue if you want to see decent Puppet support in your favorite IDE(A) :) http://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/IDEA-123382#
Hey guys. Will we ever see a propertly functioning puppet support in IntelliJ? Would be extremely nice. This plugin, to put it plainly, just sucks. Broken syntax warnings, no navigation... Would it not be better if the effort was spent on porting the far superior geppetto plugin to idea?
This plugin on does syntax highlighting, which is of limited use. It's syntax validation is broken. It flags items that in no way prohibit Puppet from operating normally. It doesn't understand regular expressions in node names and it doesn't index Puppet config so you can navigate with cmd/ctrl+click like any other source file. So it you want syntax highlighting and annoying error messages, this is the plugin for you.
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