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This plugin for IntelliJ IDEA allows to carry out competitions on knowledge of IDEA features (e.g. 'write this code using minimum number of keystrokes', 'transform one piece of code to another using minimum number of refactorings'). Invoke Code | 'Start Code Golf' to start.

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A very nice idea! Sadly it hast two blocker issues which make the plugin useless. 1. I'll never use my Jetbrains account credentials with a plugin. You could as well ask the users to email their payment settings to you. It's irresponsible to even ask for credentials from a different service. 2. As other users already pointed out: without the actual solution of others the plugin does not lead to personal improvement.
It's a nice thing, but without providing the best solutions it is just for playing around, not for actually improving.
This is pretty cool plugin, and with small improvements really useful as well! If i would be able to see how others achieved the small amount of key strokes, i would maybe learn something out of this. Also using live templates should be prevented. Now almost everything is possible to do with them which makes the high score pretty useless.
You need to have at least one source root in a module to start Code Golf. So you can either create an empty 'Java' project or mark some directory in 'store' module as a source root (Project View -> Popup Menu -> Mark Directory as -> Sources Root).
Thank you for answer, I tried it and there is message after choosing any "task": "No source roots are defined in store".
To start solving tasks use 'Start Code Golf' item in 'Code' menu.
i've registered on your website, downloaded plugin and filled my user name in configuration. How can i start and take first task? What i have to do to begin "playing golf with you"? ;)
FYI You don’t require a licence against your account to make this plugin work.
Cannot login to my JetBrains account with this plugin. After entering my credentials, I just get a window with title "Error", red exlamation mark sign and a OK button, with no message. Also, after logging in as guest I see a message "Cannot load tasks from, only predefined tasks are available", which leaves to practice "Hello World" task. Tested both on IDEA 13.1.4 and IDEA 14 EAP.
How I can find out the best solution?
Version 0.1.1 should be compatible with JDK 6.
Doesn't work when IDEA is running on Java 6
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