Copy & Browse as Github or Atlassian Stash Path
for IntelliJ IDEA

Compatible with all products except MPS
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For projects with git repos in the base, it allows you to copy the current file's path on master, and open that with the default browser.
Handy when you want to quickly navigate to a file in Intellij and then copy the Github or Atlassian Stash link (including line number) to share with someone else as a URL.
Github source and issue tracker.

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Recent change notes

fixes bug if project is not at the git checkout root

General usage instructions

For files that have a git root at the root of the project. Right click on a file to open it in github or stash, and copy that url to the clipboard.
Doesn't work for me. Project is in a folder c:\ssts and I have 3 modules underneath that - each with it's own .git folder Got error: java.lang.RuntimeException: Could not find parent .git/ folder. Maybe path is not in a git repo? C:\ at com.squareup.intellij.helper.GitRepo.findDotGitFolder( at com.squareup.intellij.helper.GitRepo.findDotGitFolder( at com.squareup.intellij.helper.GitRepo.( at com.squareup.intellij.helper.GitRepo.( at com.squareup.intellij.helper.StashRepo.( at com.squareup.intellij.StashCopyAndOpenUrlForFile.actionPerformed(
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