AWS Elastic Beanstalk Integration
for IntelliJ IDEA

Compatible with  IntelliJ IDEA
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This plugin provides support for Amazon Web Services Elastic Beanstalk cloud platform. Following features are available:
  • applications deployment on Elastic Beanstalk
  • remote debugging of deployed Java applications
  • incremental git deploy for modules and exploded Java artifacts
  • Java, PHP, Ruby, Python and Node.js solution stacks are supported

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Recent change notes


  • Solved problem with incorrect environment name length


  • IDEA 2016.3 is supported


  • IDEA 2016.2 is supported


  • IDEA 16 is supported


  • IDEA 15 is supported
  • AWS SDK is updated to 1.10.48
  • Closed #36. Update yoda-time
  • Solved problem with the incorrect application url(which is formed after deploy)


  • IDEA 14.1 is supported
  • AWS SDK is updated to 1.9.27
  • Commit dialog is shown on incremental deploy (Intellij platform utilized), making possible to control commit details and perform push without commit (covers #12)
  • Added possibility to choose IAM role (see #28)
  • Added initial support for environment/branch correspondence (see #31) - right now, single repository is supported
  • GlassFish solution stacks are supported (see #33)
  • Added possibility to choose any available solution stack
  • Various issues fixed


  • Closed #27. Can't deploy an application due of Git plugin API change


  • Closed #25. Custom InstanceProfile roles are not overrided on redeploy


  • IDEA 14.0 is supported


  • AWS SDK is updated to 1.9.3
  • EU (Frankfurt) region is available (artifact only, see #24)


  • Closed #23: IDEA API is changed - JSON support is moved to separate module
  • Closes #19. Automatic language detection (JSON or YAML) for AWS EB Extensions config files
  • General code cleanup


  • AWS SDK is updated to
  • Closed #17: S3 artifact upload and Git push progress indicators are implemented
  • Closed #21: EBDeploymentConfiguration cannot be cast to RepositoryDeploymentConfiguration


  • Plugin is now present in IDEA clouds module builder
  • Latest IDEA API is supported


  • Reduced API Throttling
  • Custom EB Application name can be specified to deploy on existing application
  • Autocompletion and structure validation support for JSON Elastic Beanstalk Extensions ".config" files


  • AWS SDK is updated to
  • Latest IDEA API is supported


  • AWS SDK is updated to 1.6.9
  • Plugin does not bundle AWS SDK anymore, plugin downloads the library in runtime
  • Additional solution stacks are supported (as module deployment): PHP, Ruby, Python, Node.js
  • Incremental deploy via git is implemented for modules and exploded artifacts


  • Migrated to IDEA 13 - plugin is reworked to implement new API


  • AWS SDK is updated to 1.5.1
  • Only latest downloaded libraries should be used now


  • IDEA 13 EAP versions are supported until to build 130.1179
  • Plugin is rebuilt to be Java 6 compliant


  • Latest AWS SDK is used, various endpoint connection issues are fixed


  • Support for IDEA UI-129.859 is added

0.5.0: Initial revision

  • Deployment and redeployment of war artifacts is fully implemented. Remote debugging is supported

General usage instructions

If you are looking for integration for web languages IDEs (PhpStorm, RubyMine, PyCharm, WebStorm) - please check
AWS Elastic Beanstalk Integration for Web Languages plugin

This plugin has different guides for different versions. Proper plugin version to guide accordance:

0.6.0 and later:


0.5.4 and below:

We encourage you to use latest plugin and guide version.
Hello! Plugin supporting 2016.1 is released!
Any chance on updating it for phpstorm 10, etc?
Hello, Good news everyone, our plugin now supports the fresh IDEA-14. The version 0.7.4 of our plugin still targets the IDEA-13 stream while 0.7.5 is for IDEA 14.*. Both versions has updated with the most recent AWS SDK and also got experimental support for the new EU (Frankfurt) region. Thanks
Hello We are preparing update of all our plugins for IDEA 14 right now. The AWS BeansTalk integration for IDEA will be available within 1 or 2 days, and the integration for web-languages IDE ( will come next, to support latest 139-based EAPs. Stay tuned Viatra2
Hi, Is the plugin intended to work with IDEA 14? If so, please change Until Build to at least 139.* which is the build number of IDEA 14 final version. Thank you
Hello, Vitalij! Currenly log viewing is not implemented in the integration plugin. You can access to AWS ElasticBeanstalk logs from the web console. Please refer to the documentation at Regarding the upload progress indicator - this is a reasonable feature request, so we have created an issue on the GitHub:
When deployment fails I get "Pulled logs for environment instances." Is it possible to view those logs anywhere? Also is it possible to view upload progress as for big solutions it seems to take sometimes a lot of time. Overall great plugin, thanks!
Excellent plugin. Very useful for getting up and running with Elastic Beanstalk. Incremental deployment via git is a powerful new feature. viatra2 - provides support for the plugin.
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