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Compatible with all products except MPS
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Embeds a code minimap similar to the one found in Sublime into the editor pane. Works with both light and dark themes using your customized colors for syntax highlighting.

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Recent change notes

  • Add min and max width
  • Remove a useless warning
  • Fix a bug when encountering tokens past the end of the document
  • Add support for 171.3556 EAPs
  • Fix a race condition when folding
  • Increase maximum file size to 1MB, up from 20k
  • Fixed a memory leak
  • Reduced the total memory used to about half
  • Lots of dead bugs.
  • Bugfix: Disable retina scaling. This should fix some of the current retina issues.
  • Bugfix: NPE in getLine
  • Bugfix: Increase render queue to 1000 requests
  • Scrolling while hovering over the overview now works
  • Add a keybind to show/hide codeglance. Default is control shift G
  • Display editor selection in real time
  • Selection is now resizeable
  • Configurable viewport color
1.3.2: Fixed a memory leak 1.3.1: Fix a NPE in offsetToScreenSpace() 1.3.0: Folding support
  • Dragging is now relative to the start point. This means less sudden jumping around
  • This required some fairly heavy changes to the coordinate code.
1.2.3: Added scale config item!
  • Fix regression of 'Already disposed'
  • Added ability to disable CodeGlance without restarting
1.2.2: Added scale config item!
  • Fixed an NPE in PhpStorm
  • Fixed clicking on a section of code in a long file, dragging still behaves the same with percentage based movement.
  • Pixels per line is now configurable
1.2.1: Scale fixes
  • Fixed a rendering issue for osx with vertical stretching.
  • Fixes stretching of the view area when looking at large files.
  • Increased viewport visibility a touch.
1.2: Smaller with transparency
  • Now uses a transparent selection box and the maximum width is limited to 100 chars. This will probably become configurable
  • Increased the number of render jobs that can be in the queue
  • Improved handling of very long lines.
1.1a: Misc fixes
  • Use new BufferedImage instead of UiUtil for Idea 11.x compatibility.
  • Limited panel injection only to text editors
  • Fixed a bug with split panes not displaying correctly on restart
1.1: Small performance and aesthetic improvements
  • Optimized the rendering loop a little
  • Fixed a bug with scrolling in large files and the reticule not matching the top correctly.
  • Made character weighting non random, removes the 'film grain' effect when rapidly updating a document.
1.0: Initial release of the plugin:
  • Worker thread for rendering
  • Color rendering using intelij's tokenizer
  • Scrollable!
  • - Embedded into editor window
Very Nice Plugins! Similar UltraEdit Document map Function! -- I am a PHP developer from China ^_^!
Exactly what I was wanting! I just switched over from Sublime to PhpStorm for work and this is something I've missed between the two IDE's. Thanks for creating this plugin! Works great for me in Windows 8.1 with PhpStorm.
Love this plugin. Would be nice to have it as an optional standard thing in the editor.
Great plugin, I missed that functionality after switchin from Sublime Text.
sorry, but it doesn't works in Ubuntu 14.04
sorry, but it doesn't works in Ubuntu
Beautiful plugin. Very useful. Been using for a year+ now across several Jetbrains IDEs with no issues.
Very nice plugin, works well and looks clear. At last, a good minimap for PHPStorm!
Very useful, there is just one thing missing for me: When I click in my editor on a keyword or a variable, it highlights it and all occurrences of it in the editor. Is it possible to also highlight them in CodeGlance? It would be very useful to quickly see them in all the code.
Totally Awesome. I've used it for a week and already consider it a must have plug-in. Should be integrated into IDEA as a core feature!
It's great plugin! Thanks for the last update. :)
Very good
Please post issues over at There I can follow up if I need clarification and you will see as soon as it gets fixed!
Scrolling by the mouse wheel on the minimap area does not work in current version of the plugin (PyCharm 3.0.1).
I liked it, but found it not so useful while using on my laptop (13") as it reduces the already not so big editor "width", because it does not float over the texteditor like sublime does. It may sound an obvious request, and I may already know in advance that it probably can't be done with existing API, but, It would be cool if it can float over the text editor like sublime one does (as an option, as I do believe people should may have reasons to use the way it is right today. Thanks for your hard work and for publishing it on github.
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