AWS CloudFormation support
for IntelliJ IDEA

Compatible with all products except MPS
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Amazon AWS CloudFormation language support

YAML note: not everything works in YAML right now, it's work in progress. Also you need latest IDEA EAP to try it out (check you've installed 0.5.x plugin version).

Open any *.template, *.json or *.yaml file with CloudFormation language inside. There should be number of features available:

  • Template validation
    • Overall file structure
    • References to resources, conditions, parameters, mappings
    • Resource types and properties
  • File structure (aka Go to member) (Ctrl-F12 on Windows): fast jump to any entity in the file
  • Completion in Ref clause
  • Completion of resources types and properties
  • Live template for Ref clause: type "ref" and press Tab
  • Ctrl-Click on any reference to jump to its definition
  • Quick Documentation for resource types and properties
  • Format file

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Recent change notes

Initial YAML support
Works well. The syntax checking is really helpful when writing a template.
Love the plugin. Upgrade lost file association with type "json".
There's no documentation and I couldn't get it working at all. I was excited to see there's a CloudFormation plugin, but without the proper documentation it turned out to be useless and I couldn't get it working. I'll be willing to write the documentation if I can get some guidance
I suppose cloudformation scripts must have .properties extension. It does not work for me if aws script ends with .json.
Yes, it does. Try to use go to definition (right mouse click) on Ref arguments, it should navigate to definition,
does this work in IDea 14? I dont see any special menus appear on loading a .tempalte file
Awesome work! I use this all the time.
Version 0.1 provides "Ref" completion in CloudFormation templates - already a big step forwards.
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