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Floobits lets you collaborate on code in real-time across multiple text editors and IDEs.
You need a Floobits account. Create one at https://floobits.com Features include being able to see other people's cursor and highlights, being able to summon, and also follow edits automatically.

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Recent change notes

You can now summon individual users to your cursor position. Just right-click on them in the user list and choose "summon".
This is an amazing service; and having a plugin that brings it into PhpStorm is absolutely fantastic. Combined with the web service, it's never been easier to collaborate with others; WITHOUT sacrificing your IDE in the process (awesome). There's support for IntelliJ, Vim, Sublime, Emacs... and the web interface for those who are unable to get it running in an IDE or native editor. This project has HUGE potential. There are a few small bugs but they seem very interested in getting those corrected. I hope they keep adding new features too. I'd love to see some innovation when it comes to tracking changes in a multi-author environment like this offers.
so cool! I think the only way to have a real time python team project and free. Please continue developing and improving this, there are a small amount of bugs, so fix them and add more features ;)
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