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Chronon recording debugger support

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java 8 support and bugfixes
It's a wonderful thing, but it seems to have bitrotted quite a bit, with unpacking errors and failures a common thing in IntelliJ IDEA 2016.2 Will this be updated at some point, or just left to die?
Unable to evaluate collections and objects. No proper docs to help us add logging statements in chronon.
Indeed, the plugin is pretty useful. Finally, you can go backwards from exceptions and see the reason why your program failed. It is immensely useful. Nevertheless, there are some rough edges: - the lack of support for annotation - it would be nice to print the String representations of objects - it be also nice to see the console output - perhaps keeping track of the hit number you are inspecting
Doesn't deserve 1-star raiting. The main limitation for me is missing information about java collections, but aside from that, it's pretty good.
Не юзабильно
После вашей реализации захотелось на eclipse...
Use Case: Walk through JUnit tests with Chronon. Included my packages with the double-asterisk wildcard, clicked the Chronon logo and watched the tests pass. After, when I tried to "step to cursor" to any line in any test, it would just say there were no hits. IntelliJ 13.1 - v135.476
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