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Provides support of Cucumber.js

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Please add support for specifying a custom path to step definitions! See issue #WEB-11505.
Is there a way to specify arguments not to Cucumber.js but to Node.js itself, i.e. harmony flags as in `node --harmony-async-await node_modules/cucumber/bin/cucumber.js .`?
I set path to executable, but nothing has changed. Then I installed 11 version of WebStorm. Version Cucumber 143.1559 works fine on WebStorm 11. Thanks for your help!
karnelius, you should specify path to executable cucumber.js file in run configuration
Version 141.1551 was successfully installed on WebStorm 10. But when I'm running tests in IDE, I'm getting error "Executable is not specified". I tried with cucumber v0.9.4 and v0.8.1. Have you got some ideas about this?
Try do the same with plugin version 141.1551
I try to install plugin from disk, but I get this error: I have WebStorm 10.0.4 and Windows 7 x64. What can you recommend in this situation?
WebStorm bundles plugin "Cucumber.js". It means that it doesn't try to update it from plugin server. But you can download plugin from here and install it from disk.
It's great plugin. All us team use it. But now there isn't Cucumber.js plugin in the WebStorm IDE. We have only old version, but old plugin doesn't work with last version cucumber.js 0.9.4. Will you support WebStorm?
It's good plugin. But it doesn't work with the latest cucumber.js version as it changed command line options (no "--name" parameter) and interface for formatter
Great plugin. Currently there's a very annoying bug, where if I make the regexp step pattern case insensitive (using / /i), everything RUNS great, but the IDE insists my steps don't match any definitions (even when the case actually matches).
I would really like to try this plugin in PHP Storm, which has JavaScript support bundled. If it requires Ultimate, it can never work in PHP Storm, contrary to what the description says. Is there any way you can remove that dependency and depend on bundled Javascript plugin(s)?
Plugin Cucumber.js depends on JavaScript plugin and the last one is available only in Ultimate Edition
Why only with ultimate edition!?
This is incredible! Can't wait for BDD python support too (behave or lettuce)
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