Css Alphabetical Rearranger
for IntelliJ IDEA

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This plugin for sorting CSS properties in alphabetical order. To run rearrange your css file press Rearrange Code im Main Menu -> Code -> Rearrange Code. Also you can check Rearrange Entries in Reformat Code dialog (Ctrl+Alt+L).

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Recent change notes

v0.6 (23.02.2017)
  • Add support for SCSS
v0.5 (25.10.2016)
  • Add support for Flexbox properties
v0.4 (28.10.2014)
  • Build with new SDK for WebStorm 9, IDEA 14 etc.
v0.3 (17.06.2014)
  • Build with JDK 1.6
v0.2 (15.06.2014)
  • Now css properties also sorted by prefixes.
Nice idea, but sometimes order does matter! Like this code: -webkit-filter: grayscale(1); filter: grayscale(1); which would be tranformed to (testet): filter: grayscale(1); -webkit-filter: grayscale(1); It is only a fast and simple example, but it could lead to unexpected behaviour and you should be aware of.
Great! Wait for supporting in scss
Flexbox properties are not being sorted
Works as expected
Used to work well, but not anymore. Still waiting for the support of Flex Boxes. Order is totally wrong with related properties.
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