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.ignore is a plugin for .gitignore (GIT), .hgignore (Mercurial), .npmignore (NPM), .dockerignore (Docker), .chefignore (Chef), .cvsignore (CVS), .bzrignore (Bazaar), .boringignore (Darcs), .mtn-ignore (Monotone), ignore-glob (Fossil), .jshintignore (JSHint), .tfignore (Team Foundation), .p4ignore (Perforce), .flooignore (Floobits), .eslintignore (ESLint), .cfignore (Cloud Foundry), .jpmignore (Jetpack), .stylelintignore (StyleLint), .stylintignore (Stylint) files in your project.
  • Files syntax highlight
  • Coloring ignored files in the Project View
  • Gitignore templates filtering and selecting in rules generator by name and content
  • Show ignored files by specified ignore file (right click on .gitignore file)
  • Hide ignored files in Project View
  • Create file in currently selected directory
  • Generate Gitignore rules basing on GitHub's templates collection
  • Add selected file/directory to ignore rules from popup menu
  • Suggesting .gitignore file creation for new project
  • Entries inspection (duplicated, covered, unused, relative, incorrect syntax, relative entries) with fix actions
  • Comments and brackets support
  • Navigation to entries in Project view
  • Renaming entries from ignore file
  • Close opened ignored files action
  • Custom user templates with import/export features
  • Create custom templates from existing rules
  • Favorite templates

Compiled with Java 1.6

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Recent change notes

v1.7.6 (2017-02-23)

Full Changelog

Implemented enhancements:
  • Preventing or Notification for editing ignored files (319)
  • Present untrack git commands to the user in UntrackFilesDialog before execution
Fixed bugs:
  • NullPointerException on PhpStorm startup (315)
  • NoSuchMethodError: ContainerUtil.createConcurrentList() (320)
Full Changelog History
can you please stop telling me the plugin is updated? this balloon pops up way too often. thanks <4
@chiaraperino You can find it in `Settings > Version Control > Ignore Files Support > [ ] Show outer ignore rules in editor`
Installed on latest PhpStorm and now get loading files frozen with a dialogue DONATE PAYPAL BTC. IDE is now useless and now I have to go and find out how to remove this: WILL HE PAY ME FOR MY TIME?
One of the most useful plugins available! It should be bundled with all distributions of IJ! Great job! :)
It seems to do what it claims, but the most visible change in recent versions is that the links begging for donations have become larger. And asking for Bitcoins is just fundamentally shady.
Had performance issues since last update
This plugin doesn't work with IntelliJ 15
Hard to live without at this point. Will even show a preview of your core.excludesfile from git config. Really really handy.
Thank you for a great plugin that just works.
5 stars!
Thank you for the coment @WeBuster This issue has been already reported at GH: https://github.com/hsz/idea-gitignore/issues/105 - I've my both hands on it.
Great plugin. Since the last update (v1.1.1) I have a new bug which bothers me so much. I have two Git repos on the same project. In each one, I set the other one as ignored (in the git ignore file). Now all my projects files are gray and color never changes! Please fix it ASAP.
Handy plugin. thank you. The first time i opened it, there was a popup for a donation, however I haven't seen it since the first time. Right click on a file and choose "Add to .gitignore file" is the feature I use the most. Very handy.
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