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Compatible with:  IntelliJ IDEA Android Studio
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IDE to create multi platform Cocos2d-x games using Java Javascript or Lua Script.
With Cocos2d-x Editor you can:
  • Develop Cocos2d-x games on Windows, Mac OS
  • Scene design you can add labels,label menu items, image label items, sprite from image files and from texture atlas files, create animations from texture atlas.
  • New layers to the scene can be added.
  • The property grid allows to change any property to the nodes or layers.
  • Add folders, images, textures, lua files and sounds to the project.
  • Create a Cocos2d-x JavaScript game for both native and web (Lua game for native only).
  • Develop games with call tip hints and autocompletion of cocos2d-x JavaScript API.
  • A texture packer is included in the solution, can create a texture atlas or edit an existing one.
  • Debug JavaScript codes easily
  • The simulator supports multi device sizes and zooming.
  • Publish your game for Android ,IOS , web and desktop with only one click.
  • Support IntelliJ IDEA (Ultimate Edition | Community Edition),Android Studio.

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Recent change notes

    Change list in 2.0b13:
  • Support Cocos2d-x 3.3 , Cocos2dx-js 3.1
  • Support Java language develop cocos2d-x game
  • Support js/lua develop cocos2d-x game
  • More CCE xml element
  • CCE Animation develop
  • DownEload CDK at
    Change list in 2.0:
  • Support Cocos2d-x 3.2 , Cocos2dx-js 3.0
  • Support Java language develop cocos2dx game
  • Support js/lua develop cocos2dx game
  • New scene layout tools
  • New texture packer
  • Download CDK at
  • Installation wizard at
    Change list in 1.5.1:
  • bug fix for new sprite null excepiton .
  • ccb convert to ccbx.
    Change list in 1.5:
  • button can add child element.
  • bug fix mac start ios simulator .
  • more bux fix .
  • support IDEA 1.3.1.
    Change list in 1.0-beta:
  • Support IntelliJ IDEA (Ultimate Edition | Community Edition),Android Studio
  • Support Mac system
  • Optimize animation designer.
  • bug fix.
    Change list in 1.0-alpha2:
  • new particles system and designer.
  • optimize Scene designer.
  • bug fix.
so cool, good job!
We support cocos2dx java api ,more info visit
hello, in the latest release log, what do you mean by "support Java language develop cocos2dx game " ? does cocos2dx has a java api?
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