Php Inspections (EA Extended)
for IntelliJ IDEA

Compatible with:  IntelliJ IDEA PhpStorm
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This plugin is a Static Code Analysis tool for PHP (aka inspections in JetBrains products).

It covers:
- architecture related issues (e.g. design pattern violations)
- weak types control and possible code construct simplifications
- performance issues
- non-optimal, duplicate and suspicious "if" conditions
- validation of magic methods usage
- regular expressions
- validation of exception handling workflow
- compatibility issues
- variety of time-consuming bugs
- PhpUnit API usage
- security issues

Some of inspections are expecting conditional statements (e.g. "if") to use group statement for wrapping body expressions. If this requirement is met then additional inspections are applied to the source code.

For Mac shortcuts, see this reference card. Windows/Linux ones are:
Alt + Shift + I to inspect current file with current profile
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + I to run inspection by name
Ctrl + Shift + F4 to close results of inspection.

On some projects CPU and therefore battery usage could be intensive, so it should be taken into account when traveling with a laptop.

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Recent change notes

Bug-fix release, fixed a new bunch of false-positives

- Fixed infinite inspection appearing in very rare cases
- Foreach source to iterate over: resolved false-positives (ø)
- Loop which does not loop: resolved false-positives (nested continuations not recognized)
- Senseless proxy function: resolved false-positives (compatible types override)
- Statement could be decoupled from foreach: resolved false-positives (inner break/continue/throw/return)
- Static methods invocation via '->': resolved false-positives (PhpUnit v6)
- Unnecessary double quotes: resolved false-positives (single quotes are not recognized in some cases)
- Unnecessary parentheses: resolved false-positives (__invoke contexts)

- A constant can be used: new patterns
- Suspicious binary operations: implemented
- 'explode()' misused: implemented
Great plugin, very useful - if you are doing PHP development, you should have it installed!
Great plugin. Very useful inspections.
Indispensable plugin!
Perfect Plugin :-) i really love it :)
Cool plugin, it really shows how to improve your code and makes you think about how you write code.
It's a must have!
This plugin is awesome! Thank you!
Using it every day. Very useful extra checks for daily coding and reviews.
C помощью плагина пофиксил древнючий баг в своём проекте. :) Описание бага:
Good plugin, but i can't install it on PhpStorm 10.0.2. Please make update :)
Great plugin. Would be perfect if supported more intentions for the inspections it finds
Great Plugin
Several simple inspections will be contributed into PHP CS FIxer, but I don't plan to provide any command line version. By that could be an good idea for commercial version of this plugin.
Is it possible to use this outside of phpstorm? command line tool maybe?
Amazing plugin!
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