Android Drawable Importer
for IntelliJ IDEA

Compatible with:  IntelliJ IDEA Android Studio
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This plugin consists of three main features. You can access them by a right-click anywhere, but not on a file, inside an Android module under New.

1. AndroidIcons and Material Icons Drawable Import
You are able to select the asset, specify your color, change the target resource name and select all the resolutions you want to import.
All the missing folders will be created automatically. If there are already drawables with the same name, you will be warned. You can even search for your desired asset by just start typing when the first spinner has focus.
Since Material Icons provide also Vector Drawables, those can be imported now as well!

2. Batch Drawable Import
Select assets (or a whole folder) and specify the source resolutions. You can change the source size of every image as well. Specify all resolutions, to which it should be resized to.
This works also with 9-Patch-Images. But take care: sometimes it's necessary to remove / add the one or other "pixel" in the 9-Patch-Editor. But just give it a try :)

3. Multisource-Drawable
Ever got a zip with drawables for your Android project by your designer with the following structure?


No problem! Now you can just select for every resolution a different asset, specify one name for them, and the rest is done by the plugin.
Or even easier, you can select the whole zip, and this plugin will auto extract the asset to the best matching folder.

Hint: When you select an asset, you can also just drag a file from your explorer to the text field and drop it there.

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Recent change notes

- Various Bug Fixes
Folks, I'm really new wit Android Studio, i don't understand what this means: "You can access them by a right-click anywhere, but not on a file, inside an Android module under New" So i don't see how to activate this plugin... Can somebody be so kind to post a more detailed instructions? or a link to screenshot or screencap with explanation?
sir, can you help me? how to insert high images resolution 17000px X 29000px?.thanks
Does this supports android studio 2.2 7:44:09 PM Plugin Error: Android Drawable Importer threw an uncaught AssertionError. Disable Plugin 7:44:09 PM AssertionError: Already disposed: Project (Disposed) projectname
I have found that this plugin puts nearly ONE HUNDRED THOUNSAND FILES in the drive. This plugins need to put this kind of things in zip files.
When I imported 1080X1920 XXHDPI image and converted them to XHDPI, HDPI and MDPI, the converted images looked blur. Images distorted, compared to the images converted in Photoshop. I hope this issue will be resolved in future updates and will make this plugin really helpful.
Very usefull plugin
very useful
Very useful.
Any plans on supporting the new Material Design icons (Material Design Icons 2.0)?
Only issue I've found is that the menu options don't show up for library projects.
This really takes the tedium out of importing image resources into Android. Especially helpful when working on an app for multiple platforms, and the assets are delivered in a non-Android way. Also awesome support for Android Developer Icons!
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