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for IntelliJ IDEA

Compatible with all products except MPS
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Finally a plugin that makes links in your console at least 200% more awesome!

With this plugin all files and links in the console will be highlighted and can be clicked. Source code files will be opened in the IDE, other links with the default viewer/browser for this type.
Now you just need to configure your favorite Logger to include the file name (and optionally a line number) and you can instantly jump to that file that throws this stupid error.


Links are integrated for the following types:
  • source
  • file
  • url

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Recent change notes

A shiny new release including: - More robust filename detection. - Improved subdirectory detection. - Support for arbitrary URL schemes. - Support for Windows style absolute paths.
Amazing plugin!
python tracebacks throws this one off the track. when I try to click on the file links (looks something like 'File /Path/To/Erroneous/, line x...') instead of opening the file in pycharm, it opens that in my external editor (atom). Can you, before opening externally, check if the clicked file link is in the project directory? that would make this plugin truly shine
it throws exception as soon it gets open
This is what I was looking for, but it would be nice if it can recognize. line 428 In the same way as ie Hop to line number.
Awesome plugin - even though I can't really understand why this isn't part of the core...
Exactly what I was looking for! A lightweight plugin that highlights all my classes in the console and makes debugging much more easy. Awesome indeed!
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