Android Selectors Generate
for IntelliJ IDEA

Compatible with all products except MPS
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This plugin automatically generates drawable selectors from appropriately named Android resources.

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Recent change notes

File name suffix Drawable state _normal (default state) _pressed state_pressed _focused state_focused _disabled state_enabled (false) _checked state_checked _selected state_selected _hovered state_hovered _checkable state_checkable _activated state_activated _windowfocused state_window_focused
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1.0.4 (02/08/2015)
  • 解决生成的文件有两个_selector的问题
1.0.3 (01/25/2014)
  • 生成的文件添加_selector
  • 解决使用xml作为Drawable时生成的文件中包含多余的.xml
1.0.2 (09/03/2013)
  • Support for all drawable directories
1.0.1 (08/20/2013)
  • Support for all IntelliJ Platform Products
1.0 (08/19/2013)
  • Initial release
It is an OK plugin but would be nice if the general descriptions and version history would be in English and not in, well I can't read it and Google doesn't translate it very well.
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