Apiary Blueprint Manager
for IntelliJ IDEA

Compatible with:  IntelliJ IDEA Android Studio
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Apiary Blueprint Manager is a plugin for Android studio or any other IntelliJ IDEA based IDE. It helps keep the code up-to-date with Apiary documentation, by notifying about changes and helps by generating code based on Apiary documentation.

Plugin can analyze Apiary blueprint and tell you:
  • Which methods need to be implemented
  • Which methods have changed in your code, or at Apiary documentation
  • Which methods are implemented, but no longer supported by API

Plugin can also:
  • Give you detailed information about requests
  • Generate example code for requests methods
  • Generate example code for entities

Plugin limitations:
  • Plugin currently works only with retrofit library
  • Plugin currently works only with JSON body in requests

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Recent change notes

2.1.1 - Java 1.7 crash fix. Theme update
2.1.0 - Major bugfixes
2.0.4 - Minor bugfixes
2.0.3 - Generate entity button & plugin reset option
2.0.2 - Bug & crash fixes
2.0.1 - Google Analytics
2.0.0 - First public release
This is pretty cool, and you can see that a lot of work went into it. However, I'd like to see integration with standard Java WS instead of Retrofit. Also, what would be even MORE valuable to me, would be for this plugin to actually generate the markdown needed to flesh out an Apiary document.
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