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Illuminated Cloud is a powerful development tool hosted within JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA. Illuminated Cloud was designed and implemented with the express intent of bringing the beloved feature set of modern Java IDEs to developers. Because Illuminated Cloud is hosted within IntelliJ IDEA—both Community Edition and Ultimate Edition are supported—users are also able to leverage IDEA's extensive core feature set for development including its powerful source code editors, polyglot language support for composite applications, and tight integrations with version control, task management, and bug tracking systems.

Illuminated Cloud dramatically simplifies development and deployment of Apex, Visualforce, Lightning and other metadata types with modern IDE features such as:

  • Intelligent context-sensitive code completion and live templates
  • Extensive code navigation and cross-referencing
  • Integrated API documentation
  • Content type-aware static resource management and static resource bundle support
  • Template-based source file creation
  • Highly-configurable source code formatter
  • Integrated Apex unit test execution and code coverage metrics
  • Source code validation and deployment
  • Powerful connection management
  • Flexible and efficient metadata deployment, retrieval, and delete actions
  • Anonymous Apex and SOQL query execution
  • Integrated log viewer
  • Offline Apex debugger

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Recent change notes

418 - PMD Apex and Salesforce Lightning CLI global inspections. See release notes for installation/configuration/usage details. Use project connection for new Apex unit test run configurations.
Others keep saying it and I agree, this is the best IDE for Salesforce dev by far. Even better if you already use IDEA products for non-Salesforce dev, Illuminated Cloud feels native while still providing every tool necessary to do full-featured Apex development. Scott is a superstar dev and is extremely responsive to user questions and issues, and provides awesome support while constantly adding new features and improvements to the app!
Illuminated Cloud is hands-down the best development environment for professional Salesforce development. Traditional developers coming over from Eclipse might feel overwhelmed at first by the power and complexity of IntelliJ IDEA, but once you make the plunge you'll never look back! Also, the developer (Scott Wells) is constantly updating and improving the Illuminated Cloud plugin. Frankly, I wonder when the man sleeps! From top to bottom, this is a 5-Star IDE for Salesforce!
Scott keeps updating frequently. replies to all questions... Well in shor the best IDE.
The best way to do dev for SFDC!
This is the best Salesforce IDE Ever. I have tried a lot of IDEs for Salesforce including eclipse official plugin. But none of them are worthless compared to this product. I used the Illuminated Cloud trail version and loved the product and then I purchased the plugin. You can make things easier on this and the author has more plans for future development of plugin such as improved lightning development.
A great plugin for Apex and Visualforce development. Finding an IDE that offers autocomplete for Apex development is what sent me looking and I am so glad I found Illuminated Cloud. The initial setup (retrieving metadata and building offline symbol table) isn't entirely straight forward, but after you get through it once it is a breeze to setup additional workspaces. This is now my main Apex/Visualforce development IDE and I thoroughly enjoy using it.
After a year of developing with the Eclipse IDE, I wept with joy when I saw Illuminated Cloud. It acts like a real IDE, full of the standard development tools you never even thought about until you came to Apex and started developing without them. Scott has been incredibly responsive to suggestions for improvement and any bug fixes as IC has been developed. I highly recommend.
As far as I can tell, this is the best IDE solution for Salesforce development. Not even the official Salesforce Eclipse plugin comes close to the amount of features supported by Scott's plugin.
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