Marketplace A new platform
for third-party plugin vendors

License and sell your plugins for JetBrains products
Early Access Program available

We are building the next generation of the plugin repository, turning it into a marketplace for third-party plugin developers to sell their plugins while taking advantage of licensing and billing solutions provided by JetBrains.

What Is the Marketplace?

Out-of-the-box Software Licensing Solution

Integrated with the JetBrains infrastructure, our licensing solution provides your plugins with the same level of licensing support that our JetBrains products already enjoy. Generating end-user licenses, supporting the evaluation licenses, centralizing license administration and management via JetBrains Account, providing an on-premises license server, license protection, an in-product licensing module, and more are all taken care of.

Billing and Sales Infrastructure

With the marketplace, third-party plugin vendors can entirely outsource billing and sales operations to JetBrains, and we will take care of the check out and payment processing, quotes, invoices, refunds, community programs, discounts, and even sales support for your plugins. In addition, we will utilize our extensive resellers network to make the plugins available for purchase via the JetBrains distribution network (which is very important for some markets where direct sales possibilities are limited).

Marketing and Sales Support

Through the marketplace, you have the opportunity to promote your plugin to millions of JetBrains products users. Our team will be working together with paid plugin vendors in the marketplace to make sure that the plugins are well suited to the target audience. We will assist you with positioning, promotion, and various other marketing and sales activities beneficial to our end-users and plugin vendors.

  • Benefits for Plugin Developers and Vendors
  • Benefits for End-users

Benefits for Plugin Developers and Vendors

Focus on the plugin development instead of implementing a custom license management solution and building a distribution channel.

Access to a huge and relevant JetBrains user base to market your plugins to.
JetBrains provides additional protection in terms of both license management and billing processes.

JetBrains Account, along with other aspects of the JetBrains infrastructure, provides end-users with an easy way to purchase plugins and manage licenses (using familiar methods), which leads to more sales for your plugin.

JetBrains provides sales support to end-users, as well as all sales-related communications (e.g., follow-ups) and management of community programs (open source, classroom, startups, students, etc.).

Access to JetBrains-authorized Resellers and Distributors from all around the world who may help sell your plugins too.

Revenue reports and analytics from JetBrains.

Professional marketing and sales support to make sure your plugin succeeds. If you agree, we can review your plugin marketing strategies (and their marketing assets) to help tailor them to the JetBrains audience, and/or integrate your plugins into JetBrains’ own marketing strategies.

Added value of our programs for plugin developers (e.g., additional testing and support, "Verified publishers" program, joint promotions, etc.).

Benefits for End-users

The additional functionality thanks to paid plugins from third-party developers.

Easier plugin installations, payments, sign-ups, and management via JetBrains Account.

Easy-to-use licenses via JetBrains Account, including management of all subscriptions/licenses, on-premises license server.

Co-terming of licenses with JetBrains product licenses (optional).

Various discounts (e.g. volume), special licenses (User Group, Opensource, etc.), and other programs supported by JetBrains.

Closer association of marketplace plugins with JetBrains and JetBrains Products.

Security and privacy protection: no need to provide credit card information or any other data to an external entity when purchasing a plugin.

Paid plugins sold via JetBrains conform to the JetBrains Marketplace Vendor Agreement, which provides additional protection for end-users.

Supported Products

IntelliJ IDEA










Only paid versions of IntelliJ IDEA-based IDEs are supported right now, but we are working on supporting Community Edition / Educational Edition.
The support for other JetBrains tools (such as .NET and Team Tools) will be coming later.

Revenue Sharing Model

Similar to other marketplaces and app stores, we will apply a revenue-sharing model to the JetBrains Marketplace. This means that JetBrains will take a moderate commission from all plugin sales made via the Marketplace to make sure that the model is sustainable and we are able to re-invest in the plugin development ecosystem in the future.

JetBrains Marketplace Commission


Before the end of 2019


From 2020 onwards

No additional marketplace developer fee
Custom conditions for high-revenue plugins

Early Access Program

For the full terms and conditions of the marketplace and details of the technical solution, we would invite you to apply to the already ongoing Marketplace Early Access Program.

At this time, we are ready to start technical testing for plugins that will be ready to switch to the Marketplace in the next 3-9 months.

Should you have any questions, you can reach out to us via