New or Updated

Jangaroo Migration to Ext AS 6

Migrate ActionScript and MXML code from Ext AS 3.4 to Ext AS 6.

Frame Switcher

By meo
Plugin for more convenient switching between projects/frames/windows than is alt-tab or Window menu.


A simplify plugin ported from vim-EasyMotion plugin for Intellij Platform IDE. And can be integrated with IdeaVim.


Provides the support for TagMyCode.

Window Decorate Mode Switcher

By vKatz
Hide title menu for windows.

Stone Editor Support

Support for Stone files (

Grep Console

By meo
Change colors of matching text.

IdeaLight Color Scheme

Low-contrast light color scheme with light gray background.

Es6 intentions

ES6 custom actions.

SpiraTeam Plugin

Plugin for SpiraTeam by Inflectra Corporation.