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Store elements id's for optimus.


SonarLint is an IntelliJ IDEA plugin that provides on the fly feedback to developers on new bugs and quality issues injected into Java, JavaScript, PHP and Python code.

IJKL Shortctus

By syl
Plugin which imposes alt-ijkl navigation shortcuts on currently open keymap.


Provides shortcuts to open a file or commit in Stash, GitHub, BitBucket, GitLab or GitBlit using the default browser or copy the link to the clipboard.

Context Free Grammar

Adds support for EBNF-like context free grammars.

Swagger Plugin

A plugin to help you easily edit Swagger specification files.

Haxe Toolkit Support

The Cross-platform Toolkit Documentation.

Clean Architecture Plugin

Create the Clean Architecture directory structure in your projects.


By yinzj
goland package-manager GitHub.


A XMake integration plugin in Intellij Platform.