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A JetBrains IDE plugin supporting the EditorConfig standard

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General usage instructions

Simply put your .editorconfig file(s) in place according to the instructions at editorconfig.org site, and the plugin will enforce them. EditorConfig settings will silently override the normal settings configured in the IDE for all files controlled by EditorConfig. That is, if your IDE's settings say to use 4-space indents in Java files, but your EditorConfig settings enforce 2-space indents in all the files under the "src" directory, then hitting tab will insert 2 spaces on Java files in "src", but 4 spaces in all other Java files in the project.
Works seamlessly with the "Reformat code" command in PhpStorm. Great!
I'm having the same problem as @barrett and since I use the auto format function a lot, it's quite frustrating.
I love this plugin. However, can you please modify it slightly to respect notifications settings? I have all notification balloons turned off and yet I still get a notification from this plugin when I open a file type for the first time.
Please upvote this to have a way to export IDE settings to editorconfig file :) https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/WEB-15687
Need to have an export from IDE settings to editorconfig, so we can save what we've already setup. That would be great indeed!
Great plugin, I love it! I didn't find a way yet to export the current configuration as an .editorconfig file. That could be useful!
One of the most favorite plugin since it was not bundled by default. Besides, now I'd like to configure arbitrary .editorconfig path for project mounted on a local machine. It solves the issue .editorconfig symlink in a project root cannot solve the path locally. However, I know there's a proper workaround, it's simpler if it is configurable.
It would be nice to have a support of 'quote_type'.
Works well for the most part, but it doesn't correct code formatting for the auto format function. I've set indent size to 2, style to space, and the auto format function was still using 4 spaces.
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