PlantUML integration
for PhpStorm

Compatible with all products except MPS
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PlantUML diagramming tool integration

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Recent change notes


  • Disabled asserts in PlantUml - they were causing slow rendering
  • PlantUml library upgrade to 8053


  • PlantUml library upgrade to 8051
  • Changed default shortcuts to Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F and G
  • NPE fix


  • Fixed ASCII image rendering and typos


  • Path to Graphviz dot executable was ignored
  • PlantUml library upgrade to 8043
  • Added a low memory watcher for cache clearing


  • Toggle button for disabling automatic rendering
  • When auto-rendering is disabled, update and reload button will be red
  • ALT+D shortcut for diagram update
  • ALT+F shortcut for diagram reload
  • Page titles fixed for partial rendering
  • Usage manual
  • About dialog reworked
  • IJ 12 compatibility fix


  • Scrolling fixed for 2016.2
  • Remembering selected page per file
  • New right click action: Generate PlantUML Server link to clipboard
  • Page titles in the dropdown page selector


  • PlantUml library upgrade to 8042
  • Images can be copied to clipboard as ASCII Art
  • Fixed: @startditaa` not recognized
  • Added a configurable delay between key up event and rendering run
  • Disabled URL links rendering by default - doubles rendering time
  • A lot of caching and optimizations
  • Added incremental rendering - only changed pages will be rendered
  • Added partial rendering mode - useful in large files - the document will be splitted by (@)newpage and each piece will be rendered by itself.
  • Added intentions to disable syntax check, and enable partial rendering - available on the start tag (@startuml,...)

General usage instructions

  • PlantUML tool window will render any PlantUML source code under caret in currently selected editor

  • supports multiple sources per file

  • supports diagram zoom

  • highlights PlantUml syntax errors (experimental)

  • Can copy diagram to clipboard or save as PNG, EPS or SVG

To be able to generate many diagram types, you must have Graphviz ( software installed on your machine
Exellent plugin! It will be very nice to add some kind of .puml reformat-code ability :)
On Mac (El Capitan), install graphviz through homebrew (brew install graphviz) and configure the plugin to use the dot executable on /usr/local/bin
Great plugin, it helped me :)
Final my IDE is really Integrated!! Incredible UML tool direct in my Idea !! Thank you Vojtech!
For Mac, I had to Install graphviz from and because I'm on El Capitan, only an older version works (the one for mountainlion), but seems to be fine. It installs in /Applications but the dot app you need is in /usr/local/bin/dot and that's what you need to specify in the plantuml settings. Bring up plantuml in pycharm via View / Tool Windows / PlantUML. You will see a blank panel. Ensure you click on the spanner icon and 'open settings' to specify the /usr/local/bin/dot You still won't see anything because you need to explicitly type in fragments like this: @startuml Bob->Alice : hello @enduml in your source code for anything to render. Nothing is automatically generated from your python source code. If you want something automatic for python, see something like (generated UML from code - but its not integrated with pycharm - disclaimer I am the author of that). Doco for PlantUML at
Please provide support for
It does not. I will try to support it...
does it work with IDEA v. 12 ? I cannot make it running.
If you have "Unsupported major.minor version", please re-install your plugin. Latest 1.4.14 version should support Java 1.6 which used in many Intellij installations by default
After an update on my Mac, I had a problem during startup of PyCharm with plantUML. The plugin got disabled after an error. Had the same kind of problem like: "Unsupported major.minor version" Solved it through terminal: Go to: /Applications/ checked my JVM version through system preferences | java and changed the JVM in Info.plist to 1.7* After restarting PyCharm plugin plantUML works again.
Amazing tool!
I noticed that the link that advertises full documentation only seems to go to a list of issues...
This is awesome. The best diagramming ever.
Great plugin!
Works well.
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