PHP Annotations
for PhpStorm

Compatible with:  IntelliJ IDEA PhpStorm
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PHP Annotation
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  • Just install and be happy
  • Optional: Install Symfony Plugin
  • Optional: Install PHP Toolbox
  • Optional: Configure plugin "Languages & Framework > PHP > Annotations"
  • Youtube: PhpStorm: PHP Annotations Plugin
  • Attach PhpClass to their DocTag to support "Code > Optimize Imports"
  • Auto alias detection on use statement
  • Filter annotation classes on targets like method, class, property, ...
  • Goto for doc tags and property names
  • Detect annotation property values on phpclass property name including types
  • Index classes with @Annotation inside doc block
  • Plugin extension point
  • Doctrine related providers
  • Class import annotator
  • Class constants in DocTags
  • Doctrine ORM intention and quickfixes for: repository and properties
  • Auto alias import for annotation class
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Recent change notes

4.x: PhpStorm 2016.1.2+
3.x: PhpStorm 2016.1+
2.x: PhpStorm9, 10
1.x: PhpStorm8
  • Replace deprecated api usages
  • Add virtual annotation classes properties / fields #80
  • Index issue on YAML File; drop usage of DefaultFileTypeSpecificInputFilter #72
  • Add autosuggest and ctrl+click for Doctrine CustomIdGenerator #48
  • Add extension point to register global namespace prefixes #81
  • Add alias for VichUploadableBundle #69 @Koc
  • Add references for Doctrine @ORM\Embedded.class #68
  • Add autocomplete for array values of properties as extension point #62
  • Add Symfony internal route array completion provider #62
  • Add PHP-Toolbox provider for new array annotations as "annotation_array" #62
  • PhpStorm 2016.3: Switch from PhpResolveResult#create to PsiElementResolveResult#createResults #66
  • Fix class cast issue for reference contributor #64
  • Add class constant support for import optimization and provide references. #22, #26, #38, #40
  • Implement workaround for class constant usage in doc array WI-32801
  • Fails to recognize import useful for PHPDoc Annotation(s), PHPStorm 2016.2 #59, #63 @artspb
  • Support nested annotations #8, #55
  • Add button in settings form to force reindex of annotation classes #55
  • Drop project references in settings form; prevent memory leaks
  • Java8 migration
  • Use newest api level and migrate internal code usage

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Saves time! Works great with PhpStorm 10.0.3! Thx a lot!
@kungfufrog This plugin needs a higher api version
I cannot find this in the plugins repository for IntelliJ IDEA. Is it ok that I downloaded the JAR from here and manually installed in my IDE? (IntelliJ IDEA) I use IntelliJ for PHP/Symfony2 development and always will!
Wow! I just found this plugin while I was rating the Symfony2 plugin and this is the one thing that I have been missing. I really like your plugins, thank you very much for you work!
Good plugin. It would be good if autocompletion was also triggered from incomplete references (such as @ODM\...), not only in empty phpDoc tags; or at least this behaviour would be explained here.
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