Drupal Symfony Bridge
for PhpStorm

Compatible with:  IntelliJ IDEA PhpStorm
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Drupal Symfony Bridge
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Integrates support for Symfony components in Drupal8 with Symfony Plugin

  • Enabled Symfony Plugin per project (File > Settings > Symfony2 Plugin)
  • Install Php Annotation plugin to enjoy all the annotation stuff
  • Plugin needs a valid PhpStorm indexer, use "File > Invalidate Caches / Restart" if something crazy is going on
  • Twig/PHP: Routing
  • Twig/PHP: Gettext support (just throw in a full po file into project)
  • PHP: Config index
Features (from Symfony)
  • Full container support
  • Twig extensions
  • and more...
  • Twig variables types and completion
  • Twig namespaces for include, extends, macros, ...
  • Child mapping of \Drupal\Core\Config\Config::get

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Recent change notes

  • Fix api contract violation exception for config index #27
  • Add some static virtual annotation property classes #23
  • Support annotations without use import #24
  • Add completion for @Translation annotation #25
  • Add support for ContentEntityTypeAnnotation admin_permission and field_ui_base_route #23
  • Add support for ConfigEntityType admin_permission annotation
  • FormStateInterface::setRedirect should provide route completion
  • Add travis test suite #15; migrate yaml config index to new yaml plugin #14; use Java8 and update minimum api to PhpStorm 2016.1
  • Drop Symfony version string from plugin name
  • Add permission support #10
  • Add linemaker for class forms in routing defaults key #11
  • Add linemaker, indexer and completion for entity forms #11
  • Add Action completion for _controller #20
  • Add menu name index #13, Add parent menu value key completion for yaml menus #13
  • Collect module controller on module namespace #21
  • Provide route parameter completion #7
  • Completion for non default Symfony route keys #12
  • Fix possible npe in index process #4
  • Fix / update more valid route signatures for Drupal8 beta release
  • Add indexer, completion and navigation for config values
  • Fix missing route_name pattern filter for completion
  • initial release (see feature list)

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