Power Mode II
for PhpStorm

Compatible with all products except MPS
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Power Mode Based on the activate-power-mode atom plugin and forked from Baptiste Mesta on Github. Features
  • Exploding falling sparks
  • Editor shaking
  • Flames
  • Heatup based on typing speed. The more you type the more happens.
  • Keyboard shortcut to toggle power mode [shift ctrl alt O]
  • Choose particle colors and transparency within a color space
  • Adjust particle velocity and gravitation
  • Modify the animation frame rate
  • Multi caret support
  • Animation on caret movement
  • Play music folder: volume based on heatup
  • Play next song action: [shift ctrl alt M]
  • Visualize bigger file editing with "BAM!"
  • Everything is configurable
  1. Install the plugin
  2. ENTER POWER MODE in Preferences > Appearance > Power mode II
  3. CHANGE THE SLIDERS and options to your liking

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Recent change notes

Fix for "com.intellij.openapi.editor.impl.DocumentImpl$UnexpectedBulkUpdateStateException #12 "
Great Work! Can you add Combo counter please ?
Add the combo counter as in atom please!
Awesome. Looking forward to seeing a power-up meter driven by chaining intellij keyboard shortcut combos.
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