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Jan 26, 2019
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NEW: !!! Table Editor !!!

The Table Editor is a newly introduced feature of CSV Plugin v2.*. Support its ongoing development by reporting issues, providing suggestions, contributing ideas/features or by just giving it a thumbs up.

Lightweight CSV plugin that supports editing files in CSV/TSV format.

  • CSV/TSV file detection
  • table editor
  • customizable text editor
  • syntax validation
  • syntax highlighting (configurable)
  • content formatting (configurable)
  • quick fix inspections
  • intentions (Alt+Enter), e.g. Quote/Unquote (all), Shift Column Left/Right
  • structure view (header-entry layout)
  • support for ',', ';', '|' or '↹' as value separator
  • highlight of active column values
  • customizable column coloring
  • tab (↹) separator highlighting
TSV file support: TSV files are recognized as such but treated as a variant of CSV files, the same syntax highlighting and code style settings are applied.

Code formatting: Default code formatting is 'Tabularize'. Can be changed in Settings -> Editor -> Code Style -> CSV

For more detailed information please have a look at the README.

Thanks to @egoisticalgoat, @sabi0, @ptahchiev, @ghost, @MarkJeronimus and others for supporting me and the project!

IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate/PhpStorm/DataGrip/etc.: The plugin is fully compatible with the 'Edit as Table...' functionality.

In IDE releases prior v2017.3, the shortcut in the editor context menu becomes invisible when using this plugin. However, the option can still be accessed via Toolbar -> Edit -> 'Edit as Table...'.

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Recent change notes

FIX: ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when opening a CSV file with an unexpected separator (table editor)
FIX: ConcurrentModificationException during event handling (table editor)