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Compatible with IntelliJ IDEA
Jan 20, 2018
Manifold support for IntelliJ IDEA.

At its core Manifold is a unique framework to dynamically and seamlessly extend Java's type system. Building on this core framework Manifold provides a set of key features found in other programming languages and platforms:

  • Type-safe Metaprogramming -- similar in concept to F# type providers
  • Extension Methods -- comparable to the same feature in Kotlin and C#
  • Structural Typing -- much like interfaces in TypeScript and Go

Leveraging these key features Manifold delivers a powerful set of Java extensions including JSON integration, JavaScript interop, Structural typing, seamless extension libraries to Java's runtime classes, and (coming soon) type-safe access to raw SQL and DDL.

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Recent change notes

- Java 9 -- Manifold supports modular and non-modular Java 9 as well as Java 8 (see
- Several bug fixes

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