Checkmarx CxSAST

Compatible with TeamCity
Oct 16, 2017
Checkmarx plugin for the TeamCity build tool.

Checkmarx is a SAST solution designed for identifying, tracking and fixing technical and logical security flaws.

Checkmarx CxSAST provides the following key benefits:

· Scan source code - Integrates smoothly within the SDLC to provide detailed near real-time feedback on code security state

· Open source analysis - Activated to run in cases where open source components are used as part of the development effort

· Best fix location - Highlights the best place to fix your code

· Quick and accurate scanning - Reduce false positives, adapt the rule set to minimize false positives, and understand the root cause for results

· Incremental scanning - Just test the parts of the code that have been changed since last code check-in to reduce scanning time by more than 80%.

Enables incorporation of the security gate within your continuous integration pipeline

Seamlessly integration - Works with all IDEs, build management servers, bug tracking tools and source repositories

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