Implicit Nullability

Compatible with Rider
Apr 22, 2018

Extends Rider's static nullability analysis by changing specific, configurable elements to be [NotNull] by default.

In Rider there is a small limitation in the options page at the moment: The "Copy [AssemblyMetadata] attributes to clipboard" button is not available.

Tags: rider c# nullability analysis implicit annotation default notnull canbenull

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Recent change notes

- ReSharper and Rider 2018.1 support

- Rider 2017.3 support

- ReSharper 2017.3 support

- Added support for Rider 2017.2

- Fixed unnecessary nullability attribute generation in c'tor generation and "Check parameter for null" actions [ReSharper 2017.2.2+]

- Added support for properties (by default configured for getter-only properties) => Implicit Nullability now finally supports all members where ReSharper provides nullability analysis :)
- ReSharper 2017.2 support

- Changed default of "Restrict to readonly fields" setting to "on"
- Added exclusion of generated code, configurable by a new setting (enabled by default)
- Added exclusion of "XAML fields" (fixes issue #11)

- Changed "overrides unknown base member" warnings to include also non-external (solution) code with unknown nullability (=> new highlighting IDs for ImplicitNotNullOverridesUnknownBaseMemberNullability and ImplicitNotNullResultOverridesUnknownBaseMemberNullability)
- Added support for named delegates with (async) Task results
- Added cache for configuration (attribute) parsing (performance improvement)
- ReSharper 2017.1 support

- Implicit nullable fields: Added exemption for property backing fields (issue #10)

- Added support for fields (including the option to restrict to `readonly` fields / fields in reference types)
- Extended "type highlighting" for fields and properties
- Fixed wrong highlighting of async void method results (issue #8)