Solidity Solhint

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Jan 03, 2018
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Solidity Solhint Plugin allow to enable Solhint inspection capabilities in your project. It highlight of warnings / errors found by the linter in editor during code modification.

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Recent change notes

v1.10 Changelog
Plugin does load configuration from .solhint.json on project load #19
Plugin could not find solhint on windows #18
Remove global messages for validation errors #17

v1.9 Changelog
Implement cleaning of temporary Solhint files on IDE exit #16
Implement error notification when Intellij Solidity plugin is not installed #15
Verify of settings page work correctness on Windows #14
Implement possibilities to install Solhint through settings dialog #12
Implement support of error message on settings dialog when Solhint is not installed #11
Implement support of error message when selected Node.js binary is not correct #10

General usage instructions

This plugin provides support of Solhint Solidity linter to all JetBrains IDE. It allow to render warnings and errors received from Solhint.

To use this plugin you need:
  1. Install Solhint globally using npm
  2. Install Solidity plugin for JetBrains IDE