Compatible with IntelliJ IDEA
Jan 17, 2018
1.Navigate to service location ( request mapping ).(use: Ctrl \ or Ctrl Alt N )
2.Show rest service structure.
3.Add some useful functions like ,"Generate&Copy Query Param","Generate&Copy URL" to request method.
4.Other useful functions,like add "Convert to JSON" to java class.

Only support spring framework (Spring MVC / Spring Boot)
1.根据 URL 直接导航到对应的方法, ( Ctrl \ or Ctrl Alt N );
2.提供了一个 Services tree 的显示窗口;
3.在 Controller 方法上添加了 "复制生成 URL","复制方法参数","复制生成 JSON" (方法参数中存在 RequestBody 注解) 等几个功能;
4.其他一些个人觉得有用的小功能,比如在 java 类上添加 "Convert to JSON" 功能。

目前只支持 spring 体系 (Spring MVC / Spring Boot)

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Recent change notes

1.0.9 Service url navigation: matched restful style request mappings (e.g.:"/product/{productId}")